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  1. I'm sure some of you feel the same as me.

    Unfortunately, I'm one of the poor few who have been struck with the awkward vibe. I feel perfectly comfortable talking with people but everyone else seems to find it really awkward. The problem is I just don't say much.

    I'm a quiet person so I'm not constantly yapping away. Which is too bad for me because everyone expects you to always be saying something. Nowadays, quietness = awkardness.

    Is there a way to fix me? I don't want to be awkward anymore but I have a feeling it's in your genes.

    I was watching home videos the other day and noticed I've always been this way. I'm just introverted. [Before anyone says introverted doesn't mean awkward, I know it means where you get your energy from but there is also correlations to being quiet.]

    The point is, I don't want to be awkward anymore. How do I stop?


    Or should I just say fuck it and enjoy my life alone? That's where I'm leaning towards.
  2. smoke two j's of that awkward and just feel out of place
  3. Your so awkward, no one even replied to your thread..

  4. It's been 5 minutes.
  5. i'm the exact same way OP. i don't know why.. ha
  6. We get it guys. You can say awkward...

    Stop going for the easy joke.

  7. Judging by all the other responses, it looks like we're lost causes.
  8. No being quiet has its ups...dont try to change (picture me telling you this with a gun to your head....or a black shadow with a gun to your head..) its better to naturally change than to make your personality change or you will suffer the wrath of the subconcious..

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  9. yeah dude im like that and what makes it harder is that im very good looking so people will assume that im stuck up and since im the silent type they think that i think im better then them, but in reality im a nice shy guy
  10. There's nothing wrong with being quiet, I'm the same way. It just means that you talk when you have something to say instead of talking for the sake of it, you're just being hard on yourself man. If you keep bringing yourself down, you're just going to lower your self esteem and confidence level which affects social situations such as talking to people, getting a job, meeting women, etc.

    Be introspective since you already have the ability and this must be logical. Look at the yourself (don't actually mean look at a mirror) and focus on what you must do to improve yourself: whether it's mannerisms, posture, style, clothing, etc. However, you shouldn't change yourself for people to like you.

    Hope everything goes good. Peace and Love from your fellow INTJ bro.
  11. People are used to being around other people who talk a lot.
  12. I used to be that way, till I became Alpha as f**k. More on that later...

  13. as long as you're not afraid to talk i guess it's alright.
    i'm quite too, sometimes i go silent n just spacing away in my thoughts for like 30mins, then i just starts to talk a lot again.

  14. That's because 77% of the world are dominated by extroverts, that's why they humans are social beings because they communicated by talking. However, this is the norm for western society but not elsewhere.
  15. Introverts are born leaders.

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"

  16. I feel like introverts are definitely intelligent and the creative types but, from what I've seen, extroverts are the leaders. They also seem to border on narcissism. After all, really all you need to lead is charisma.
  17. in this shitty society, people immediately assume you're insecure if you don't want to be a part of conversations or aren't as social as them. just do your own thing, man. don't give a fuck what other people think. you aren't supposed to live for their acceptance
  18. Hey, leaves us alone! ;)
  19. One of my friends is super awkward but he lives with it and most people don't even mind since he is still cool.

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