Awkward stoned w/ family stories

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  1. So I know a lot of people must have had this happen to them too.. You get to a family reunion or birthday party. Think it will suck or something, get really high first and then next thing you realize you have to talk w/ your great grandma or an annoying uncle that wont stop asking questoins or something haha.

    Happened to me before, got any stories?
  2. Smoked a joint before picking my Aunt up at the airport and had to drive 45 min with a woman who still thought the USSR existed.

    Also, ate brownies before Thanksgiving and Passover Seder....
  3. i smoked a blunt and picked up my dog from the vet

    he was awkwardly staring at me the whole way home
  4. Almost did a half single of super dank shrooms before a 540 mile road trip with my family.

    I ate them when I got back, thank God I didn't do them on the road trip
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    Went to my grandpa's 70th birthday on Saturday and came back yesterday. Thought it would suck, but it ended up being pretty damn fun as we were rolling and smoking joints the entire day.
  6. I hate talking to any family member while high period besides my bro or sis because they both smoke too.
  7. Same, except neither bro smokes so I hate talking to my entire family lol.
  8. I hate smoking and seeing family, my older cousins use to but they did thinking it was bad for you...So now that I have been for a few years they think im killing myself. The only people I can really talk to is 2 out of 3 of my brothers and my cousin. When I do go to family events me and my cousin will make eye contact and share a laugh knowing the others high hahah.
  9. Lol getting home baked as fuck to find my Uncle and my little cousin there.

    My little cousin who is like 12 tells me his schools is really bad and some kid showed him some weed in class today.

    I just laughed and walked away.
  10. lika dis?

  11. hahahhahahaha
  12. When I still lived at home I can recall a few times when i'd be high as a kite watching TV with my parents and an anti-pot commercial would come on. They know I smoke weed so it's always extremely awkward.
  13. I smoked a blunt with my buddy and then went home to eat supper. My dad has one of the lamest non-funny sense of humor. And he told the stupidest joke, but i was so blazed that i started laughing hard, it was pretty much uncontrollable. Thought he was going to find out i was blazed, but he didn't :smoke:
  14. Haha that has happened to me before. Not w/ parents but I hear a lame old joke and just laugh so hard

    Thats when you just ask them a random question to change the topic or make a topic.

  15. LOL! OMG! That's awesome!

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