Awkward situations...How to approach them??

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  1. Alright...So my work banks at wells fargo. Generally they send me to go make the deposit, make change, or what have you. There's this girl that works there who is epically gorgeous. I'm talkin a 25 on a scale of 1-10. She's got this amazing smile that is just...I got no words that would make any sense at all to describe it. She's amazing. I don't know if she knows my name or not seeing as how we only see each other hopefully 3 times a week. I try to be really friendly and smile a lot, which I don't really smile much for anybody these days.

    Anyway, How do I go about asking her out? Honestly I've never been in a scenario like this before. Oh yeah, I forgot, the only way I can see her is if I go through the drive thru part because she doesn't work at the teller stands, but sometimes she does the deposit for me at the drive thru (if I'm lucky.) I really want to ask her out, but I don't want to put her on the spot in front of all of her co-workers, considering wells fargo is small bank, most of everybody would probably hear me and she might feel a little awkward about that. Or feel like she's being put on the spot. I thought about writing a note and slippin it in with the deposit stuff. That way she can choose to acknowledge it or not, a part of me thinks that's kinda childish and very jr high style, I'll work with it if it's all I got though.

    How do I go about this???....Me sitting in a car and her being behind inch thick glass and talking to me through a microphone. It's just very weird. If any ladies work at a bank and have been asked out please chime in with some advice.
  2. You want to catch her on her way home from work.
    Stalk that bitch and get in that pussy my friend.
  3. First and most important is your attitude. (Think, and be confident that you have a big dick)

    When you can successfully believe that you are awesome, then when you see her next just tell her she's cute and you'd like to take her out to dinner.

    It's all about confidence, and some balls.

    Secondly, a big thing to remember is that if she says no, then that's no sweat off your back.
  4. idk man...... the other ppl would deffenitly hear if you said anything. just write a short note saying whatever it is u want to say and also let her know u wrote it down so her coworkers wouldnt hear it and make things awkward for her. take some quick ninja pics next time your there. zoom in on the window and take a picture lol.
  5. Hahaha, I love GC...Yeah I thought of that one already...that's just not me though, I refuse to be the creepy ass guy that waits for her after work. I simply refuse. Although I may have to resort to that.

    Yeah, It's not the asking part I'm worried about, I honestly wouldn't care if she said no. At least I tried. If she said no, nothing in my life changes. If she says yes well I'll be a god damn :devious:

    I'm more thinking of the position she'll be put it in since I only see her at her work...when she's working. The whole glass thing, I just think she might not like having all of her co-workers hear that. Than again maybe she wouldn't care either. I guess it's a toss up either way.

    That's what one of my co-workers said, whose a lady. She said that she can choose to read it or not and if she doesn't than that should be taken as a no, if she does than YESSSS!!!!! mutha fukaaaa... I'd be turning into a blooming marijuana plant I'd be so excited...buds would just start flowering off my skin.

    I dunno, I guess it doesn't really matter anymore I got fired today anyway, so I can just go down there and ask her now and if she says no than hey whatever I never have to go there again.:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke: smoke onee
  6. grabe her vagina. works every time.
  7. The best thing to do in all awkward situations is to act like it isn't awkward. Don't point out the awkwardness or draw attention to it or worry about it. That rarely does anything but make things more awkward. And if the other person hasn't noticed any awkwardness at all, you might just be making them feel awkward by telling them you are.

    Don't slip a note to her. It's not only too high school, it's too bank robber-ish. And notes are a bad idea. Don't worry about putting her on the spot or making her feel awkward; the only way you have a chance with a 25 out of 10 is to already be convinced that you're worthy of her and that it will benefit her to date you when you approach.

    I don't know how well she can hear through the glass, but I would start by just trying to make some casual conversation and joke around with her a bit next time you're there. Does she wear a name tag? Use her first name. You just want to talk to her enough this time so she remembers you and then the time you see her after that ask if she's seeing anyone and if she gives you the go ahead ask her out normally. Ask her if the glass discourages "guys like me" from asking her out. If she says yes, tell her that 2-inch thick bulletproof glass won't stop you from trying. If she says no, tell her that it's too bad she's about to have to put up with one more invitation. Be getting some cash and propose that you spend some of it buying her coffee or something. (Of course it would be better if you make it up as you go along. Just suggestions.)

    Don't care about her co-workers. If you get turned down they'll only be briefly and mildly entertained. The less attractive females will be jealous they don't get asked out as much as she does; the men have already probably thought about it or given it a shot. The mature people won't give a shit.
  8. i could tell you a whollllle bunch of things that you shouldnt do...

    but i dont want to throw you off.

    anyway, good luck! :D
  9. lol such as walking thru the drivethru and knocking on the glass and stareing at her.....i could totally imagine that strange scene :D

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