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    My grandmother died this past Friday night after years of being in a nursing home. I wasn't that close to her so it didn't really affect me that much, she was old and wasn't in good health anyway. She was my grandmother on my dad's side of the family and I fucking hate 95% percent of that side but I have to see them for the first time in years at the funeral in two days.

    What nobody knows is that one of my aunts touched me in a bad way when I was six or seven years old but I still remember. All of my dad's sisters are a bunch of hillbilly cunts who used to make fun of me when I was little because I would read a lot of books instead of watching shows about race cars. They have problems with my mom too, basically because they're from a conservative little town and my mom is from Latin America, she speaks English with a heavy accent and all that stuff they're not used to seeing. When I was like eight or nine they used to scream at me for no reason and they'd tell me that nobody liked me and they even hit me a few times at family dinners. My dad would always freak out on them and they hate him too for being "weird" which means going to college and learning different languages.

    Two years ago I had some "risque" pictures on a modeling website that they found. Keep in mind that these ladies never played a part in my life, they just found these pictures and called up my parents and told them. My parents already knew and told them to stay out of our business, basically they said who the hell are they to judge us and blah, blah, blah. They told everyone about the pictures which really weren't that big of a deal and I told them to go back inside their trailers and go stare at the deer heads on their walls and I went off on them even more, they said we don't deserve to carry our last name and that we're dead to them now.

    Basically it's this giant feud but one of my nice aunts asked me read something at the funeral this Friday. I'm chill for the most part and don't like confrontation but I said I'd to it. Part of me can't wait to go up there and be the one who gets to speak at their mother's funeral. I know it will fucking kill them. My mom doesn't even want to go to the funeral because she knows they're going to start something. I have enough respect for my grandmother, the church, and myself to start fighting with them at the funeral but if they want to start insulting me or my mom, brother, or dad and try to start a fight with us I'm going to fucking punch them out and my mom knows it, she didn't disagree with me but she knows that I will and knowing my mom she'll probably end up punching them first.

    I don't know how I'm going to handle this. I haven't seen these bitches in years and I especially want to punch out the one who touched me. The better part of me knows enough not to stoop to that level and just to hold my head up high because I know that even though I'm only twenty I've already accomplished way more with my life than they ever have or will but the other little half of me wants to punch them if they get up in my face and try to say something, I'm tired of their shit.
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    See, the type of person I am. I would wait for everyone to be face to face, your WHOLE family. & just start SCREAMING at that sick bitch that touched you. Your a female correct? Just go the fuck off. Thats what I would do. Be like oh really you sick fucking cunt? Your worried about me trying to make a modeling career while you TOUCH little kids you sick fuckin bitch? How about I go to the FBI, they will know what to do with your fucked up head. Thats what I say to do.

    edit: Actually, the embarrassment isn't enough for this fucked up situation, I'm so sorry gurly, you do NOT deserve that fucked up shit, no body does. When your done flipping the FUCK out, and everyone is like holy shit this poor girl, just fuckin hit her so fucking hard in the face before people get in-between you. Leave some double-A batteries in your pocket, have them clenched inside your fist while your yelling, and then just hit her hard as fuck, enough to break her nose, because you won't get to her her twice. I would spit on Michael Jacksons grave. Anybody that fucks with raping at any age or molesting, needs to be tied up, and tortured.
  3. I wish I could bring it up but I'm too scared I think, I have no problem freaking out and punching a bitch out but I don't even want to get to that level because I know I'm better than that. I have too much respect to stoop to that level but you don't know how bad I'm dying to fucking punch a bitch.
  4. You have half the battle won already. You already know who you are dealing with and you despise them. So the best thing to do is to try to ignore them. It is difficult to predict how trash like that will behave under a stressful situation such as a funeral, so try to be prepared for anything. Just hang loose and remember that you will be free of these slobs in a few hours so try to stay cool.

    I guess everybody has relatives that are a pain in the ass. Perhaps learning how to deal with family is just a necessary part of life...

    I hope this helps.
  5. Everyone has relatives that are a pain in the ass but not all relatives touch each other lol

    You're right though, if they want to disrespect their mother and themselves by acting like fools at a funeral then it's on them, that's the bottom line and that's what I will tell them if they act up.
  6. I see you have mentioned this "touching" a few times. What happened?
  7. As hard as it is to say 'let it go because you're better than that' I'll still say it! Giving them your attention will feed their needs (needs to hate you) and spark more bitching and drama. I'm sure you're prettier than they are! My mother AND sister both got into fights with jealous girls over their looks. I know anything you'd direct to them would give them a reason to start trouble so I say do your part and don't worry about them! Hey, it will help you stay stress free and it will make them angry that you didn't notice them. Pitiful relatives they are eh?

    BUT if they start any form of disrespect to your mom or dad, fuck what I said above. Family cones first and no one fucks with family and gets away. You make them lay if they do! If you need fight help, you got plenty of support here!
  8. Bomb that bitch of an aunt, and I mean.. BOMB HER HARD!

  9. roll of quarters in your hand insted of batteries
  10. hold a lighter in your hand when you punch her face... metal part by your thumb :D

    nighty night!

    are they like rednecks or something?? i hate rednecks..
  11. Uhh redneck is an understatement lol

    Well my aunt found out I was supposed to read at the funeral and flipped out and threw a big fit and said she wanted to read it so now I'm not even going to get to read it, I decided not to do it anyway before that because I wouldn't be reading it for the right reasons, honestly I know who I am and I love myself and the life I live, they can't say the same thing and they're clearly miserable, they're just not worth giving a fuck about. I'm an energetic person and I'm constantly using up my energy with work, school, the gym, running, thinking, writing, and loving the people close to me, why waste my energy on those idiots?

    If they say anything tomorrow at the funeral I'm just going to smile at them and tell them they're the ones disrespecting their own mother at her own funeral, that says it all right there.
  12. Yeah don't start anything at your gram's funeral thats the last thing she'd wanna see looking down on you guys.

    Just do your thing, and don't let bad relatives get you down. I have an uncle who's pretty much a dick, when he was trying to get a house built, I was 16 and he offered me a job, of course I said fuck yeah, until I was digging trenches around this house lol, and after 3 days work he handed me 100 bucks and i'm supposed to be cool with it.:mad:

    Of course thats nothing compared to your story, just tryin to say that everyone has lame family, just go, pay your respects to your grams, and be done with it.
  13. Punch the bitch out , sounds like they deserve it, fuck all that "stoop to their level", that's what cowards say, defend your shit and show em your not that lil girl anymore , of course it's easier said than done..
  14. since you've been given plenty of advice i'm going to say what we're all thinking

    ....can we see these 'risque' pictures...


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