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Awkward situation...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by olylongbord11, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Yo blades.

    So, i was going to buy a 19 inch sheldon black with a precooler off this guy i know for 150$[the catch is theres no downstem, where the slide goes was broken but he fixed it up pretty nice i guess], but i completely changed my mind because my paycheck was a little short this month. Normally id be perfectly ok with telling a guy no, but this guy... hes kinda sketchy. Ive always had mixed feelings as to hanging out with him and what not because i know hes trouble, he even mentioned/joked[not sure if he actually was joking or not] that if i didnt buy it, he'd kick my ass.

    Any calming words or anything i can do to get out of buying it, and avoid the possible "ass kicking"?

    If youre gonna hate and call me a pussy and what not, please just GTFO. I hate fighting, i won one fight and honestly i just cant stand them.
  2. uhhhh don't buy it and never talk to him again??
  3. dude just tell him you dont have the funds. if he tries to kick ass.....dont let him?
  4. hit him where the sun don't shine and run
  5. This made me laugh pretty hard.

    I forgot to mention, he lives up the street from me about half a mile, and he knows where i live etc. etc.
  6. let em kno that youre short (hah! that what she said)

    haha.. but he shouldt be gettin mad if u dont have the money.

    unless he wants to sell it for cheaper.
  7. tell that bitch you'll beat HIS ass if he doesn't give you a better price for a broken bong...
  8. "i just got robbed man... U got a fucking strap, swear ima cap this dude"
  9. Tell him you dont have enough money and to wait a bit. but dude... 150 for a broken bong?
  10. Tell him you have diarrhea and don't buy the piece.
  11. It was repaired pretty well i guess, and the break wasnt so bad, apparently.

    Buut yeah, thinking for a solid 24 hours got me turned off of it pretty badly.
  12. Witness protection.
    Or suicide.
    I'd probably just tell him I was short on funds... and avoid him like the plague for a few months.
  13. Yeah.. Honestly i feel so dumb for getting into this situation in the first place:(

    it sounds really fuckin dumb on my part, but thinkin about it now he just pressured me a ton. Fuck. I feel so stupid.
  14. Assuming you live with your parents, make up some fucked up situation about your parents finding weed etc.
    If you don't live with your parents, tell him you got caught up with the law and you have to lay low.
  15. Beating yourself up isn't helping anything. Chill out. Just tell him you're short and you'll get at him when you got it.

    If he is as much of a Jackass as you say he is then I suggest you end the relationship as soon as possible.
  16. Thats what im gonna try and do. we have a couple mutual friends but im pretty sure he wont actually randomly attack me... i really hope not atleast. Im not gonna lie, being punched in the face unexpectantly[spelling?] and not being able to fight back or protect myself is kindofa big fear of mine.
  17. Well tell him you dont have the funds and if he tries to kick your ass then take off your pants and stand there naked. If he is straight hes not gonna touch you, and if hes gay, well...Now you have a new friend!
  18. #18 DaReALdUTchMaZ, Aug 2, 2011
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  19. if he tries anything shifty hit him over the head with the bong like james franco
  20. If you had the cash would you still buy it? Just tell him to hold onto it until your next paycheck

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