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  1. so i have hooked up with this chick a couple times now
    its kind of weird the first time we fucked she was chillin at my
    house and i wasnt even into her just thought she was cute or whatever
    and then at the end of the night shes laying on me while watching tv and then i say lets go to bed and within 5 minutes after making out were already fucking (and i was drunk and could barely remember her name haha i just met her that day)

    so anyways after a few more times of this same style of hooking up (after parties or whatever) ive come to learn a few things

    she doesnt like foreplay, like she wants dick in her as soon as she starts gettin horny. me on the otherhand i like to play around a while have her go down on me all the fun stuff
    she said she thinks its gross when guys go down on girls so im assuming she thinks blowjobs are also nasty

    and she also only really like missionary and cowgirl. i think shes one of those chicks thats really weird about showing their ass (she doesnt have a bad one though...)

    anyone else ever run into chicks like this??? i mean its fun and shes a good fuck but its just kind of WEIRD it doesnt feel like real sex to me
  2. pics would make this threat better :rolleyes:
  3. Its almost like pic...or pm the mods to delete this thread
  4. this thread needs pics
  5. hahaha

    man you had me laughing at "this doesnt feel like real sex to me"..

    look, as soon as your pee-pee enters her vee-vee, trust me mate, your having sex.

  6. Haha mid fuck, "Hey, are you SURE thats a REAL vagina?!"
  7. she just sounds inexperienced and uncomfortable in trying new things.
  8. I know you technically didn't ask for advice but all you have to do is communicate. Yeah, you gotta communicate with a fuck buddy too lol.

    - TELL HER you think foreplay is hot
    - ASK HER what she thinks about giving head or, if you like giving head, let her know that you want to give her head
    - TELL HER that you like seeing her ass and that you'd like to try whatever position to get a good view

    She'll never know if you don't say anything...

    The next guy will thank you ;) Bwahaha.
  9. Uh, my guess is that she doesn't really know what she's doing or is insecure.
    I mean, if she was experienced she'd be comfortable to try new things but since she's not... I think maybe she's nervous about not being good and probably about showing her ass and making it look comfortable. Looks like she wants to hook up and do stuff, obviously, but she wants it to be as easy as possible for her and make it less likely she'll do something wrong. So basically you get all the work :p
  10. I see foreplay as a way to get ready for sex, for the guy to get his dick nice and hard and the girl to get excited. If you guys are both ready for sex, why not just fuck? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times where I like to take things slow and stuff and that usually ends up being really good sex. But if you guys are just fuck buddys, she just wants your dick in her and an orgasm.

    As far as you assuming that she thinks giving head would be gross, don't assume that and find out for sure. She could just think that a guy kissing a girl afterwards is gross when a guy goes down on a girl....I'm not a huge fan of the taste afterwards, but it's not really that bad and it feels sooo good. I don't see how a girl wouldn't want that. But she might not mind sucking a dick every once in a while, but she probably isn't a fan of swallowing. But just because shes getting you off with her mouthd oesnt mean you have to finish in her mouth. If you don't feel comfortable enough to talk to her about it, just next time you guys are fooling around try to get her down there.

    And I have no idea why she wouldn't want it from behind, thats one of the best ways...
  11. Im that guy who teaches them bitches to get kinky. Ill take her for a week and she will do anything you like ;)
  12. I'll be honest, I don't like foreplay that much either. Don't get me wrong, head is good, but it's one of the single most overated things of all time. Bareback vaginal sex utterly blows it out of the water and as for bareback anal sex... well don't even get me started on how much better THAT is. I find if there's any foreplay whatsoevere then I find it so much harder to last, I'll finger the girl to get her wet but much prefer it if she keeps her hands, and mouth, to herself until I'm smashing her senseless.
  13. :eek::eek::eek:

  14. HAHAHAHAHA dude i was saying the same thing, I love it when girls like it doggy style, thats my hands down favorite, god its so fucking hot watching a girls ass bounce around....
  15. l i LOVE this.... and have to agree with most of it....
  16. I think this really hit the nail on the head.

    She might just want to be a fuckbuddy, hence the complete absence of foreplay.
  17. My first time having sex she exposed her breasts and as I started sucking her nipples she said "Just do it". My dick wasn't even hard yet. :mad:
  18. look, you have to be dominate. ok when she's riding you in cowgirl, grab her hips and just flip her over and say "let's do it like this" and grab her firmly but not "violent firm" nawImsayin

    I bet she goes nuts.
  19. It seems like chicks think a guy should just become erect on command. It doesn't work that way. If you're pretty hot then it kind of does, but if you're like a 5 or 6 out of 10 you might need to sex it up a bit. I mean come on.
  20. Agreed.
    Plus some slightly less attractive girls are able to get me hard faster than the more attractive girls that have no clue as to how to be sexual.

    I <3 foreplay.
    Unless I'm drunk.

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