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Awkward Question But need to fine out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MochaBearBlazed, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. im about 83.5% sure my neighbor is a minor to mid lvl dealer but i want to know about how to go about asking because that would be extremly nice if his shit is dank. i mean ive seen cars full of teens parked outside at 1am when im coming back from a nice toking midnight stroll and spotted him walking down the drive way doing the ever noticable "hand shake" and then going back inside followed by them driving off... please help me figure out if this is a hook up or just wishful thinking

    BTW: coming down from a nice sesh so idk how much of this is in readable order just kinda typed what came to mind:bongin::bongin:
  2. Personally, i wouldn't want my dealer to know exactly where i lived....

    But the way to do it would be to offer to smoke him out, and when he laughs at you, you can ask him why, or just smoke with him and get on the topic.
  3. How old is he? If he's your age ask him to chill and just start to pack a bowl and see if he wants to or does smoke, chances are he will say yeah and tell him how you haven't found a steady/reliable dealer in town yet.

    What do ou have to lose?
    If it works out then your dealer is your neighbor...epic
  4. Break into his house while he is out and look through his possesions to try and find evidence to support your theory
  5. i'd just ask him next time you see him outside.
  6. Maybe hes selling crack or heroin, ever think about that?
  7. Call the cops, you don't want anybody dealing drugs next to you.
  8. Don't be weird about it bro. Just say "wheres the bud at?" The next time you see him. I find plenty of connects that way. Got an 8th off some random dude driving down the street smoking. He was going by my house and i yelled that he stopped and told me to get in and had some dank. If they deal they will help you out. If not what are they gonna do call the cops?
  9. Ask him if he wants to sesh one night, and during said sesh, compliment him on his bud and ask him where he gets it from. Either he will source you to his dealer or you will gain the hookup of him.
  10. how are you "83.5% sure"? lmao
  11. He measured it on his sureness gauge. Obviously. :smoke:
  12. Just knock on his door and ask. If he doesn't just outright deny it, then it's probably safe to assume he is and you can initiate a deal... lol

  13. I do.
  14. okay for one you should be 100% sure by what you told me, you got to catch up on him on his way in or out. I've pretended to go get gas cause I was sure I saw somebody there that could get me some. If you don't know him knocking on his door would be sketchy. If you have to fake leave your apartment or fake get something out of your car than do it. When you see him say "hey can you hook me up?" If you live by him than he'll know you're not a cop or anything. If he does sell or can hook you up he will.
  15. Next time he's at a car 'shaking hands' with people, run over, lean your head in and be like "What's going on over here?"
  16. Drug murder waiting to happen. Want to be a statistic?

  17. This is a good idea, then see if it says in the local paper "man killed" or "drug dealer killed" then you will know for sure
  18. Ask him to burn. I'm sure it'll come up as you two are smoking.

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