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  1. I'm high like 24/7. I keep things as smooth as I can. I nod to acknowledge people and keep it moving. Make small talk when a task takes a bit of time.

    There's things I see every day that people do to make things way more awkward than need be.

    1. Hold the door for someone who's like 5+ seconds away from reaching the door. For real, you're creating a pressure situation for them to grab the door so they move faster and you might hold other people up. Please, you're not the public door man.

    2. Don't buy something like gas-X and say you're feeling gassy. No one wants to know.

    3. If you see a nice girl/dude in front of you, checking out. Don't spit game at them while they're discussing the transaction with the cashier.

    4. Don't approach a random person and ask them if they know X, or if they're Z's brother.

    5. If the conversation is ending, don't force it to continue. If you see the person stepping away, why do you continue on; they're dropping hints that they're trying to dip.

    I'm kind of fucked up and may be rambling, but for real though, people make shit awkward all the damn time.
  2. Damn man, if you think that is awkward you've never seen someone really spill their spaghetti.
  3. I have never felt awkward except once, and that was so awkward that i don't wanna tell anyone about it lol.   
  4. You call those awkward situations OP? Have you ever seen a man naked?
  5. I hold the door open, and then just before they reach the threshold, I say "oops!" and let go, letting the door slam into the person and knock them on thier ass and I start laughing.
    I buy gas X and cut massive farts while at the checkout. People start grossing out and I start laughing.
    Spit game? Oh hell no. I spit sunflower seeds and start laughing.
    I never approach anyone and ask them if they know X. I ask them for cash.
    People start to walk away after a conversation, I pistol whip them when thier back is turned and then I start laughing.
    Yeah, i'm fucked up too bro.
    A sick mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  6. For most of these it sounds like you're an on-looker embarrassed for them. why care or spare your pity? Even if these happened to you, I imagine you're consciousness enough of the situation to brush it off.
  7. I'd let most of that slide. Usually I'm off in my own world so somebody would have to fuck up hard for me to really care
    Except number 5. Some people refuse to shut up man
    Fell for the oldest trick in the book....
  9. Number 5 especially doe.  I'm awkward as hell and try my best Not to be awkward.  I hate when people drag a story unnecessarily too long when you just saw the person in public and both have places to go... Just say whats up, catch up, and be on.  No need for a long story unless it's at least interesting.
  10. climbing into the sack with best friend's mom could be awkward but probably be fine if she was hot and I was fucked up
  11. real talk about people keeping the convo going. its like they crave conversation lol. alot of the time im horrible at speaking to people and they still drag it on. WHY
  12. It was awkward to tell my friends about some shameful things I did with an older woman.

    It was awkward to do said things with said older woman, but I still did it, because I'm a man.

    Now your thread is awkward...


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