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Awkward moments

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blaze_Haze, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. What's up blades, something that I figured everybody had had at least one awkward moment in there life. High or not I'm pretty sure everybody can contribute to this thread. I'll start us off

    So tonight, just a few hours ago I went with my friend who is a bit older than me. I'm a senior in hs and he's in college. Anyways back to the point, we had plans to go pick up a half at his buddies house. Well I got into his car and we drove off. My friends, friend is in the passenger side in the front whom which I don't know at all. We get to this guys house and my buddy hops out and runs into his house real quick. Leaving me and the other guy in the car. As soon as he leaves there's just that all to familiar awkward silence, it only lasted a few minutes but idk it was still weird

    Post your stories of your awkward encounters........ If you want
  2. I really do not have awkward moments... I always can think of something to say and get the conversation going... Everyone likes something and has passions you just need to determine what they are via observation.
  3. Thought she wanted sex, whipped it out, she asked me to put it away. Pretty much sums up the most awkward time of my life.
  4. just talk about bud lol, your picking it up. its hard when i am stuck with someone i dont know and have no idea what they like
  5. Every social interaction I have with anyone, besides my 1 friend, is awkward. :(
  6. I actually cant say that I didn't know the guy. Last year in high school he was a senior and I was a junior. One day in some class he was bitching at a bunch of us juniors and I called him out to his face about it and ever since we haven't reall liked each other. So I would say that contributed to this awkwardness.
  7. Worst awkward moment with my first ever "girlfriend".

    Me:"You wanna go out?"
    Repeat last two lines for about a week.

    Ahhh, those were the days :rolleyes:
  8. One time me and my buddies were drinking at my buddies place and buddy that owned said place got way too drunk and ended up running down his block streaking, so he turns around to come back, grabs a fire extuinguisher out of a truck and runs down his street naked shooting off a fire extinguisher.

    As fucking awsome as that sounds, when he walks into the house ass naked after doing that, everybody just looked at him like "...What the fuck..". He walked around trying to get high-fives but nobody would give him one hahahahahaha.
  9. Sitting with your mother high as fuck eating breakfast. Very very awkward.

  10. sounds just like me haha.
  11. Well today I went with my mom and my brother to this party thrown by a rich family who previously employed my mother as their seven and nine year old daughters' nanny/Spanish teacher. Everyone there was either 7-9 or 40-70 so it was already kind of awkward, keep in mind I barely know these people. As if it isn't bad enough that we're the only Latinos there, my mother kept talking about her country every five minutes and how different it is there or else she would bring up the fact that she's not with my father.

    I eat pretty healthy so by the time the cake was brought out I politely declined, I already ate anyway and I just wanted to get outta there. Then my brother has to bring up how basically I'd binge eat ice cream every night last summer (hey, I came home every night high as fuck and I just wanted some junk food, sue me) and now I won't eat any ice cream because I think I'll gain weight :rolleyes: Which isn't true by the way. Then him and my mom began telling stories about how I'd only eat half of candy bars and hide candy in my room. I was so embarrassed so I brought up the time I dressed my brother up like a girl and took pictures of him like that on our Washington D.C. trip a couple years back and how we pretended he was the hooker we picked up along the way lmao he shut up after that :)
  12. My phone rang when I was sleeping at my grandparents house on a chair in the living room. My grandparents on the couch and it rang loud and played a song that cursed, and the straight religious and stuff. I didn't wake up right away but I did and shut it off but it was ackward for like a half hour.
  13. I have them too many times to count. I absolutely hate it. I would say the most common is when i'm walking with a friend and he sees someone he knows but I have never met, and he starts a conversation with them and i'm just standing there like uhhhh what do? Pull out my phone and pretend to text? LOL
  14. Haha i hate that shit with a passion. I think i find myself either talking to myself or mumbling and then people are like "WUT" and im like ummmmmmm idk.
  15. I was at Quiznos earlier today talking to the people who work there, as I know them. I'm making jokes about how trashy it is that one of their sandwiches comes with nacho cheese. I make a joke about how I just want a drink cup filled with the cheese, and nothing else. This girl in line next to me says "You want ice with that?" with a chuckle, and everyone kinda gets silent and looks at each other. Then we all do the faux laugh at the same time, which led to even more silence. I kinda felt bad for the girl, but it was funny as fuck.
  16. I think the most awkward moment of my life was when I was at a karate camp with my best friend and we were standing in line, she started to fall and ripped off my pants in the decent. XD Hundreds of karate kids staring at me and my pale tooshie... so awkward.
  17. If an awkward silence isn't bad enough, I'll make it more awkward
  18. Is awkward when you see your best friend's father naked by accident and he is looking you watching him like WTF >.<
  19. When one of my classmates told me and my friend the longest, dumbest, most boring story of idontevenrembember, and as he is finishing the story, his voice is getting higher and more excited, expecting us to laugh or say "woahhh that's crazy". Ended up with like 3 seconds of extreme silence.hahahahahaha
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    Haha that's fuckin classic!

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