awkward moments.

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  1. me and my buddy had just gotten off work and decided to kick off our weekend the way we always do, with some goood chillin and blazin. so we thought we'd call up our other buddy and box his shed since his parents werent home, but he wasnt answering his phone.. we assumed he was just with some chick tryin to get laid and so he was screenin our calls..

    after over analyzing this situation like any stoner would, we agreed that this was a dick move on his part so we decided to go over there and crash his little party. we loaded up a bowl of this one-hit shit i got and i thought it would be funny to ring his doorbell and just sit on his porch and start blazing so the first thing he sees is our backs and a cloud of smoke.

    so my buddy rings the bell and we sit down start passin this bong back and forth.. im already ripped after about 3 hits (this was some of the best weed ive smoked but costly at 200/oz). and then we finally hear the door open.. but then we hear some chicks voice "none of that shit on my fuckin porch!" we turn around and his mom is standin there glarin us down.. i couldnt even look her in the eyes man it was so fuckin awkward.. we just apologized and walked away confused as to what just happened.

    turns out he wasnt even home. lookin back on it, it probably wasnt even that funny.. it just confused the fuck outta both of us and we didnt know how to react to it.. so we did what we had to and packed another bowl..

    any of you guys got some awkward stories about that kinda shit..
  2. im sure i got a few awkward storys, but none that could beat that. I can only imagine how red your guys' face's were lol
  3. hahahahahaha, none that I can remember or want to share but that is hilarious.

    actually I just thought of one. I had this one friend brad that I knew in middle school, well anyway he was really rich and had the hottest sister so we hung out at his house a lot. One time we were going through his sisters room and we told our one friend to go sit downstairs and watch for her to come home. Me and brad were in her room going through the shit in her room and I took her panties and I was throwing them all at my friend (it was funny because she had some weird VD thing going on, I won't get into detail lol) and there was a huge mess in her room when all the sudden we hear her voice yell "bradd!!" and we're like "oh shit" and we just walked out of her room without fixing anything and she was standing right there.. it was very awkward but hilarious. This was a long time ago when I was like 12 haha.
  4. I'm assuming this guy lives with his parents? Why would you blaze on his porch?
  5. Dont got no stories that top the smoking on the porch story
  6. haha... come on... who just got reminded of the scene in "Dazed and Confused" when the kids go up to the door for the party, with the wooden bong and i think he went to light a joint just as the dad opens the door and they all scramble... haha i love that movie

    thanks for the flashback of myself being so fucked up and watchin that movie... good times.
  7. i was tripping out really bad on a 7g mushy trip. my mom walked in on me getting head. That sucked ass. i had such a horrible trip.

  8. Oh man...that's just horrible. Horrible! :eek:
  9. your telling me! haha. i saw so much crazy shit. i wont even touch shrooms anymore.
  10. Hmm... glad that never happened to me... id say getting walked in on getting head is worse than getting walked in on having sex (if your under covers)...
  11. man you really did not think that porch thing through!

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