Awkward moments relating to weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chappers, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So today at a course i've been on we had an exam in the afternoon about 1pm so it gets to dinner about 12pm and this guy( obvious chem head) tells me and my mate who blaze to come for a drive,

    he took us for one a few weeks ago and ended up blazing up so we got in his car and he drove to the most bait parking spot ever there were people doing deliverys people constantly parking up next to us and he then proceeds to pull out about a half Oz of NY Diesel and skins up a pure 2 sheeter joint at this point i was already thinking 'shit i have an exam soon'

    so he sparks the joint takes some tokes and passes to me in the back i took a few and passed it on now i was a little high but okay after this as i let the guy who's weed it was just smoke like half the joint as i didnt want to fuck up this exam, I then think he's about to drive out when he pulls out his wallet and a fat bag of RhinoKet and asks us if we want to get 'ketted up' to which i was like fuck there was also a guy getting out the car next to us watching as he whips out this bag of ket and the half oz is still sititng under his hand break in clear sight we refuse and drive back, he stalled the car like 3 times because he was so fucked up luckily i passed the exam he didn't ... lol

    Just wondering anyone else had sketchy experiences like this? :D
  2. my mom rolled up on me buying weed
  3. I traded an oz for a bunch of glass pieces, so I had some badass pipes and nothing left to smoke in them. Pretty awkward...
  4. Ive had plenty of moments when im just so baked that I cant even think of what to say, leading to a lot of dull moments. :smoke:

  5. My worst nightmare.

  6. lol
    "I traded my weed to get you this pipe!"
    "oh no I traded my pipe to get you this weed!"
    ... that doesnt make sense. Your post reminded me of that story about the people who traded things to get eachother gifts, but traded exactly what the other persons gift was supposed to attribute too. i think someone cut off there hair to give to the person and the other person gave them their comb to comb their hair which they cut off to give to the person. or something like that :p
  7. My mom started talking to me after me and some girl blazed in my room and when I tried to respond what I said made absolutely no sense and each time I tried to recover the sentence and come out seeming normal I simply made myself sound worse until I shut my mouth and got out the door haha.

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