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Awkward moments in history.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by La CosaNostra, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I saw a girl texting at school friday, and I told her she might want to put her phone away before she got a detention. She turned around and I saw she was changing her insulin level on her pump. She has diabetes.
  2. I like how you copied that word for word off
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    Haha it sounds like some sort of stand up comics joke lol

    sorry if you dont understand what i mean, for im very high :smoking:

    Edit: OP's a fool, get off this forum
  4. my thoughts exactly i read thqat on fmylife

  5. i know. i should of put that in quotes or something. it was meant to be a thread were people post a bunch of random awkward things theyve heard or experienced
  6. wait...anyone can post on fmylife...wat if it was him? lol..i highly doubt it but..there is that possibility...which is minimal
  7. Wow, why would you bother posting that as your own, it's barely funny to begin with...neither is like most of them are made up by the same person becuase they don't go into detail period. Fuck off

  8. jesus man. calm down. sorry.

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