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Awkward moments at work

Discussion in 'General' started by MedicalManOR, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. So work is just extremely awkward socially, I really dont care for my co-workers and the feeling is mutual. My 2 bosses aren't too fond of me either, which results in an all around awkward situation. So any idle chit-chat is with a small group of people there who are cool and know we're only there to earn the cheese. Maybe cus they're cooks and im a delivery driver..(cooks are peasants)

    Most recent awkward moment:
    My manager commented on my haircut that I got 2 weeks earlier,, I said thanks as I said i've had this cut for a while...and he was like "oh I just noticed it.." (end of convo) FUCK my boss. We openly dont like eachother I swear lol

    Any recent awkward moments with you guys? comments on your job?
  2. Every social interaction I have is awkward.
  3. yeah same here im pretty awkward at times, but hey at least i try:wave:
  4. I have this one co-worker who always wants to slap hands with me as he is walking by but I'm never expecting it so it ends up being an awkward fist bump.

    I work in the grow for a dispensary which is connected to the dispensary, so every once in awhile I have to go into the actual retail part to water clones, and I always have the most awkward conversations with the girls that work in there. They are all really pretty and were obviously hired for their looks, and they always try to talk to me about something but either there're really dumb and ask stupid questions about the plants, or I just stand their dumbstruck by the prettier ones and the awkwardness ensues.
  5. America was built on awkwardness
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    Anyone watch or seen 'Peep Show'?

    The most accurate portrayal of everyday life and social interaction I've ever seen, esp. through the character of Mark Corrigan.

    If you've seen the show you'll understand this post's relevance to the thread.
  7. that sucks dude try and find a new job. the only thing thats keeping me from quitting my current one is the people. im a manager at a fast food joint, but im everyones favorite...possibly because i get them all high at night. hahaha. i hang out with 4 of my work friends regularly, and i'm fucking 3 of those :p
  8. When i first started working at the last place I worked at..there was this girl with huge fucking tits and she always wore low shirts so her cleavage was out for everyone to ogle... anyways she asked for a gum one day and I said 'catch' and tossed it to her in hopes she would catch.. Well lucky for me it landed right in between her tits >.< The face she made I will never forget and I can only imagine how fucking embarrassed I looked...

    Worst fucking day of my life at work lol

  9. are you kidding thats a perfect entrance to an awesome pickup line dealing with boobs and fucking her

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