Awkward moment of the day...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Thurmond_420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So today I walked in to 6th period, pretty blazed, and I go up this chick (whos pretty hot) and we start talking and then shes like, "I like your pants." I dont know what to say back to that and I eventually lose train of thought so I just smile at her and then I grab my ballsack. So yeah she looked at me weird and I just walked to my seat and pretended nothing happened.

    And thats my 'Awkward Moment of the Day'
  2. Was she coming on to you or were you wearing nice pants?

    Sounds like you blew it with the smile -> sack grab either way haha.
  3. She has a boyfriend...
  4. lmao what the hell

    You shoulda just been like, " woops i twitched"

    wait nvrmnd that would have seemed even more wierd :D
  5. LMFAO. the was t he last interaction with her for the rest of the day?? that must have been an awkward 6th
  6. hahaha i love awkward moments like that. always put a smile on my face.
  7. I'm having trouble understanding why you would grab your nutsack?
  8. Yeah same here, I have no clue why I did that shit.

  9. gotta show her the goods
  10. aaaaa that made me laugh:hello:

  11. Ah, sorry, all you said was that shes hot :p.
  12. Maybe THC subconsciously brings out my inner pervert?
  13. you were just trying to be gangsta to show off to that there lady friend
  14. There is nothing funner then being blazed at school and doing dumb shit.
  15. least you didn't start playing with your trouser snake in front of her.
  16. Hahahahah, thats fuckin' hilarious man. For some reason, i could see myself doing something similar. While blazed, i will do some weird shit, thinking it will be funny and really its not, well it is to me, but not other people... :hippie:
  17. hahaha QFT! lmao i love smoking and just going to school blazed and fucking with ppl n shit haha
  18. rofl,.. same here, man. :wave:
  19. Pre-mature ejaculation with a hooker. I paid her for the hour what a waste of money.

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