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  1. Well, I really consider myself more of an experienced smoker, but today I made the most embarrassing mistake. It was noobish and sad. I was at a gas station. Casey's General store. I got there and was walking around, enjoying the atmosphere. I was prettty broke, but had just enough cash on me for a .35 cent laffy taffy. Those mother fuckers go hard, with the joke on the back of the wrapper. Anyway, I read like five or six jokes on the wrapper. Pretty funny shit. Like, "Why does a witch fly a broom? Because a vacuum cleaner is too heavy." God, I love that shit. The best one was about a refrigerator, but I can't remember the whole thing. Anyway, I was only a little high. I go up to the counter and put my laffy taffy down. The lady working there scans it. I reach into my pocket for the most pathetic collection of coins you've ever seen. As I pull out my pocket, my glass pipe falls to the ground and shatters. Talk about awkward. I've never broken anything before. I just forgot it was on top of my change and it broke. I cried a little. Ok I lied to you, I didn't cry. I'm a man. Anyway just scooped up the pieces of my shattered glass and dignity. They were both disposed of, right there. They were just too messed up to be salvaged.
  2. OH SHIT IM SORRY THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO GO IN APPRENTICE TOKERS mah bad blades umm could a mod move this mabey? again, my apologies. This is more of a beginner's mistake lol
  3. Srry for your lost. When's the funeral?
  4. :( well, i was gonna do a funeral like that, but I just scooped up the pieces and tossed 'em in the trash. It was kinda sketchy, there were a couple of other people in line and the lady knew. Oh well though, I didn't trip. I always go there high, and the lady hooks it up w/ some munchies sometimes - they get rid of pizza and doughnuts sometimes if it's late :D makes me feel like a scavenger lol at least i didn't drop the sack, thats even worse ! :eek:
  5. Well.. you have an appropriate username :)
  6. Les we forget
  7. -Knock Knock
    -Who is it?
    -It's Bruce
    -Bruce. Who the fuck is this?
    -Get in here!
  8. I would have acted like nothing happened and just starred down the cashier, like a family guy type moment.
    "was that a pipe?.."

    ::walks out without paying::
  9. (still trying to decide if "laffy taffy" is discussion of other drugs. Oh, its a food product. Someone named a food product "laffy taffy":confused:)

  10. It's a candy i've never heard of a drug called laffy taffy... or buying a hit of a drug in a store for 35 cents

  11. It would be popular, at that price:D
  12. Hahahahahahahahahah this happened to me kinda except i had my pipe in my jacket pocket, and i was taking a piss in the urinal at a wendys... You know the ending to this.. Lmao

    Thought my pocket was zipped but my piece of 4 years fell right in front of a guy washing his hands, making a huge sound while im taking a piss with my dick out. I had to wait till i put my dick away to scoop up the remains and throw it in the garbage for the next person to find the remnants of Venus lol. I just picked up nd had nothing to smoke out of after that too lol.

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