Awkward AIM Convo

Discussion in 'General' started by BioSpiN, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Me: hola
    Friend: yo
    Me: how's ya doin?
    Friend: yea
    Me: lol yea is an odd answer, but ok
    Me: i suppose i'm doing 'yea' aswell

    Friend: u better be
    Me: lol
    Me: grandparents still over?

    Friend: yups
    Me: poo
    Me: when they walk back in the house from wherever they go, just start masturbating infront of them.... violently

    Friend: nah
    Me: haha jk
    Me: anyway, any luck with the goods?

    Friend: yea
    Me: oh cool, what happened?
    Friend: nothing...
    Me: ....
    Me: ok you need to answer honestly cuz you're just confusing me now

    Friend: i said yea
    Friend: u said o cool

    Me: .... wow

    Friend: yea as in yeaaa........ with a tapering off sound
    Me: ok, if you had no luck with the goods, instead of saying yea, short for yes, say no, short for no.

    This is the beginning of a very short and very awkward AIM convo. He's been getting weirder and weirder, and I think this trumps all that he has done before. Either he wasn't paying attention, or he just didn't care... but I felt like I was a Jew in a Christian mass.

    Any body else here have these odd run-ins?

  2. i dont know but that made me LOL
  3. You think that's awkward? Try talking to HeinousAnus when he's drunk... :D
  4. ur phunny
  5. **EDIT**
    hmmm.. interesting

  6. I smell cat poop...

    Wow that was off topic. Hmmm maybe hes slowly getting sucked into another demension???
  7. Nah, he's an old time friend. It just doesn't seem like him :(
  8. Nah dude little gnomes are prolly taking over his brain
  9. haha thats fucked up. start masturbating violently? haha i wanna meet that dude. he sounds fuckin crazy. i remember along time ago this girl sent me a picture of her on photobook or whatever that shits called, and like i could look at all her pictures. and she had a bunch of her naked and shit. and i was just like "thats a good picture babe"
    " i like all the other ones too". now thats fuckin akward. i ended up havin sex with the girl a few weeks later lol
  10. really

  11. lol +rep

    and lol to the convo too
  12. thats not awkward

    whats awkward is when my little brother walked in on me and the misses...:eek:

    as for that, sounds like your friends down on some shit...depression maybe...maybe you guys are fading apart....i dont know, but doesnt seem that awkward to me

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