awful taste from Vapor Genie

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by bonolo, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. so today i started getting this really awful taste from Vapor Genie....soot. tar ?

    i found a lot of black brown gunk below the screen

    i cleaned it up with very hot water, and schwab.... i didn't have any alcohol around....

    anyways all of the tar and brown gunk was removed....

    but still wehn i put some grass in the bowl and suck (without even lighting it up), i can taste the awful tar taste.

  2. The filter should be gray. Is there black soot on it?
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    nope it's gray color as it should be....

    ugh i dont know this tastes like crap....i think im gonna get vapor brothers.

    i dont get this because I have cleaned this thing thoroughly....
  4. how often do you clean it?

  5. well i got VP like in December.

    so this is the first time i cleaned it.

    i mean i scraped out all the tar and stuff....but it has that awful taste
  6. sounds like the taste would be coming from the flame touching the filter but you say it's clean.

    In that case, have you thoroughly cleaned the pipe itself with a pipe cleaner? You can get one for free from VG's website if you don't have one.
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    like i just suck air through the VG, and i get this awful taste....

    i cleaned it with hot water and schwab stick. took a while.

    i cleaned out the screens, wire mouthpice, everything.

    the taste is a bit like burnt wood. very gross. but when i am vaping, it's not bad. the taste seems to disappear as i am vaping....

  8. Then whats the problem? lol

    I've had this bad taste also every once in a while, have you tried cleaning the metal sides of the filter attachment? Just get a wet q-tip and scrub it. Hope this helps
  9. okay well just worried i could be inhaling some toxic shit without knowing.

    yes i've cleaned the metal bowl, inside, filter, EVERYTHING with qtip.

    i took out the mouthpiece, found tar. inside the pipe, i found some tar too....

    but i can still taste it!!!
  10. My VG tastes fine, just hurts cuz I get so much vapor. Thats weird you are tasting something funny.

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