awesome/weird dream

Discussion in 'General' started by Nick04, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. I usually don't remember my dreams, but since I did, I had to post it.

    It started when 2 of my friends wanted to go watch a volleyball game at this school. I chose not to so I just started walking away from the school to try to find a bus stop where I can get a ride home. I ran to a busy street so I can see where the hell I'm at. I had no idea where I was. I started walking on this dirt road which was right next to the busy street until the traffic would clear so I can get to the other side. All of the sudden 2 (U-Haul sized), white trucks comes at me pretty fast. I jump onto the guard rail which was between the dirt road and the busy street to avoid getting hit. They passed so I'm running up this dirt road to this intersection where I hit the (crosswalk button or whatever) and it immediatly turns green so I can cross, which was pretty awesome. I continue to run in the same direction but just on the opposite side of the road. While I was running, I was thinking of why I had my hood on. I wasn't really aware of my surroundings which was kind of scary. So I took my hood off and I continued to run. All of the sudden, I have my eyes closed and I'm holding on for dear life on this train-like thing. The train was turning very sharp and very fast. After holding on for about 5 minutes, the train comes to a straight-away. I look up and I see that a couple of men are dropping luggage onto the train. I was thinking I was at a train station or an airport or something. While the train was still moving (seemed like 25mph) but probably was 5mph, I managed to jump off and land on my feet. As soon as I landed on my feet I opened my eyes. :(

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