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  1. So back in the eighth grade I used to be the biggest stoner in the school. One of my teachers knew I was but she was so awesome because she was a stoner too, on the second to last day of school she was talking about how we should work out our mind over summer. While she was saying that I was high as shit so I wasn't paying attention. When I finally came back to reality she gives me a glance and then says "remember when it's 420 be working out your mind not baking your mind, TRISTAN I'm talking to you" then everyone in the class starts dieing laughing and she just gave me a smile and laughed that was a fun year. Have any of you guys had a teacher like this?
  2. Cool story bro bet you're nervous for ninth grade huh? It'll be okay

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  3. Ninth grade was fun too now I'm a sophomore in college
  4. I was just screwing with ya... never had a teacher like that just slutty ones that'd wear the short skirts...

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  5. Oh yeah had plenty of those
  6. Yeah I had this teacher in college, she dident care what you did in her class. As long as you weren't disruptive. So this one time I came into class stoned as fuck everyone new. She was trying to talk to me about pre exam work, I had know I idea what she was taking about. So she ended up saying "IF you need help email me" so I emailed her, studied for the exam and got 87 percent. She saw me later smiled.

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  7. I'm doing night classes so all my teachers are very relaxed. I was rolling one while my English teacher handed out some worksheets. One other time I was about to light one and my tech teacher came and was like" mr Aaron do you know when to come tomorrow? " I said yes and lit the doobie that's been in my mouth the entire time.

    My history teacher talked half an hour about why the war on drugs is wrong and how good it was I attended a pro legalization protest
  8. I don't think I'll ever have the balls to light one in class.
  9. I never lit one in class it was during the break. I rolled in class though
  10. Cool story bro.
  11. Learned my Lesson junior year with my English teacher as we had to read Huckleberry Finn as a class when everyone, black or nonblack, got the chance to say "nigger" aloud while reading for the class. Anyway, one day she comes to class in ass-tight bright rainbow 70s pants and I made a snide remark about how her ass looked bomb that day and then later realized in that week how I became a sex offender literally with one comment... Her ass did look hella bomb though so Idk

  12. lol nahh fucked if I know!

    I just remember English class being a little more...zesty after that. Talk about awkward

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