Awesome stuff that should be in any college bachelor crip?!

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    Sup blades,

    Im gonna move away from my parents in a couple of weeks. College starts on octobre so I just startet thinking about what would be awesome to have in the first own flat. It doenst have to have anything to do with weed (weed flags etc. Im just not that kinda guy lol).

    As in size, nothings sure yet. Could be everywhere from 20m² to and 60m² (200 sq ft to 550 sq ft), that will be decided next week.

    So blades come up with creative and awesome ideas! :wave:

    as couch ^

    (not too sure if im too high or if that would be awesome :D )

    Edit: titles means CRIB not CRIP, sorry for that :(
  2. That would be a pretty sick couch.
    Gotta have a game system, maybe some darts.
    If you got the cash maybe a new piece you can buy when you move in.

    (also your title says crip not crib if thats what you meant)
  3. All you need is a bong and some munchies. And your set!
  4. make sure you have a microwave. it will be your best friend in college....

    and a mini fridge. bitches love mini fridges

  5. haha so i guess i wasnt too wrong.. :D prolly gonna do it... but a few months after college started, i will start growing + wanna pay attention the first few weeks :smoking: (damnit i cant edit the title can i? fuu my english..

    the microwafe/mini oven is already on my shopping list... my fridge got 20gallons of space (bought it for my munchies a year ago and its chilling in the corner of my room right now :D
  6. There are crips in college? *astounded*
  7. Bean bag chair, mini fridge, TV. If you have a woman cooking for you then you really don't need anything else.

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