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Awesome story!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheWeeDmaN559, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ok well a few weeks back I got caught smokin weed by my mom and step dad( he found everrrything, bong,pipe,zig zags, and my dankest weed I've ever smoked) sad I know well I'm not gunna smke till summer (ps he's an asswhole and he said if he finds anything drug related again he's having me arrested :() my mom was cool she said she dosent mind unless I'm not careless but she dosent want me doing it. Well today I called my real dad ( he lives I'n Ohio and I'm gunna see him this summer) he was a major druggie back in the day pothead, methhead, and cokehead he is clean now and all christian. And my mom wanted me to tell him I got busted so he said that he's glad I told him and our family were all potheads, he also told me he smokes it when he goes out fishing once in a while and we can have some father son bonding time with some ganja :) it brightened up my day. He also said my mom still smokes too! So while I was looking for my stash in her closet I also found another stash that wasn't mine haha so yea my mom smokes. My parents think that it affects my grades and I won't be able to graduate which it dosent affect them. While we were having this arguement about how the smartest people smoke (einstien, that Macintosh dude and many others) she said I can smoke if I get my grades up and if I don't then I gotta go to boot camp. Sorry it's so long. Well I just wanted to let the blades know what was up in my life and tell me what you think. I will try to keep you guys posted
  2. well your mom said its cool if you'r grades are up, soo best hurry on that.
    When my mom 1st caught me i also found out she smoked and we blazed together, and honestly i had never felt so close with her until then...
    Your step dad honestly should have no say unless its his house, or hes been around since you were little and your close to him..
    Fishing and toking kinda sounds relaxing....
    Well why dont you just smoke at a homies house?
  3. Yea that's what My real dad said. Hah and my step has been in my life for like 8 years he alright but a goody to shoes! He's like " is this thingamajig planter or what?" mom: "no, that's a bong I had one and there pretty nifty" dad: "what's a bong?" he's an idiot and works for the corrections
  4. word.

    good incentive i guess. :p
  5. hahaha i wish my mom was that clueless!
    oh well so why dont you smoke with a friend, instead of at your house?
  6. Because my mom KNOWS when I come home high and it freaks me out when she stares at me the whole night haha that's why
  7. Einstein smoked weed?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. Crazy huh? And hitler smoked meth! No joke
  9. ok well GOOD LUCK then..
  10. If I someone was in a relationship with my mum, and they tried telling me what to do, I'd fucking kill them. Who the fuck do they think they are?
    I'd insta-hate anyone who was with my mum.
  11. that was a good one
  12. haha thats awesome, but i'd smack the shit outta that step dad if he was mine, then again i'm 2 old 2 be told what 2 do, educate his ass, thats awesome that your dad can bond with ya like that, wish my dad was like that, i wouldnt wanna bond with my mom, she annoys the crap outta me and idk why, we arent close :smoking:
  13. haha thanks everyone for the good posts i appreciate it!
  14. its true. Hitler straight up IV'ed Meth 3 times daily and gave it to ala his soldiers. to keep them up and marching and not hungry.
  15. I would make sure to do the fishing and smoking thing with your dad it is so relaxing I smoke before I go everytime and it is the best.

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