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    So me and my friends decided to take a bike ride down to the ravines near my friends house. My friends were getting board so we went down to the beach nearby to toke up.
    I was going slow, so i was behind all of my friends. One of my friends rings me up and is like "Dude don't go down to the beach". He claims there were 2 cop cars and a cop motorcycle down there.
    So i was like okay, we'll just go back to the ravines and do it. So we end up blazing up, we're chillen in the ravines, then one of my friends notices that they had to go to a party (i wasn't going) . So were getting out of the ravines and we're starting to get back on the street. BAM cop car turns the corner and starts to trail us. I was thinking like, holy shit holy shit im so screwed.My friends bolted for the party, and the cop sped off. Then i ended up having to walk a couple miles to my house, stoned. It actually was a pretty cool night.

    Forgot to add that i was also on about 300 mg's of DXM at the time. man i was soooo fucked up.

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