awesome story to read if you have 10 minutes

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  1. I gotta take a shit.
  2. gee thanks brah
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    Tobacco is a plant and its pleanty bad for you. Coke comes from a plant and it definately is good that its illegal. Alcohol is derived from some form of a plant or sugar, wich is a plant. And is pretty bad for you. Just because its a plant doesnt make it harmless. But I do belive that weed is gods plant and is full of uses and definately be legalized. Just try not to use the "its a plant so its harmless card" to convince people.
  4. Alcohol must be fermented. Coke must be extracted and crushed to powder form. Tobacco must also be cut up, dried, cured, and additives put to it (cigarette tobacco). Weed is weed, unaltered natural form. You grow it, you pick it off the plant, you smoke it.. doesn't get more simple than that.
  5. To be fair, you still have to dry and cure weed before smoking it too.
  6. True. Anyways did anyone read the story? Erowid has some great experiences written there.
  7. i read it, good story
  8. We're really getting our words mixed up in present times, I mean good and bad.

    I don't think its the drugs, its the effect it can have on us due to overconsumption, our personal health, and also our environmental factors, behaviors and peers which are connected to the negative connotations of what is bad.
  9. damn good story.

    wtf is this guy talking about?

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