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  1. Hiya all

    Just thought i would let you all know about a great friend of mines seed bank, hes been at it for 25 years now and still going strong.
    His seeds are delivered very fast and have excellent results in growth and flowering, He is based in Ontario, Canada, but will deliver anywhere in the world, turnaround time in North america is 10-14 days, I have received seeds from him in 3-4 days though.
    hope this helps people out a little bit
    good luck
    Budguy :) DrGreenThumb Seed Company
  2. Good luck with RIPOFF $150.00 for 5 seeds lmao $250 10seeds and then got the nerve to charge $35 shipping
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  3. Was going to say the same thing. Plus the Website looks like it was made in notepad. :laughing: Are old GC users are selling their profiles off to advertisers now?
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  4. Lol this guys been here since 2001 with a sole purpose of advertising shitty products go figure. 2001 :laughing:
  5. I've.use dr. Greenthumb many times.some of the best genetics i have grown. Never been ripped off always get what I order.
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