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awesome revenge, free bong, & some macros

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MCJewcy, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. #1 MCJewcy, Aug 29, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2008
    Ok, well first off I'm fucking loaded so I'm gonna try to make this as abridged as possible because I know I'll ramble on. But basically here's the short background story to this free bong that's all thick ass glass and rips huge and smooth hits:

    [oh and all of my pictures were taken with my shitty camera phone and the macros were on my roomate's cheap Nikon macro lens that is blurry as fuck and hard to get a decent picture.]
    [2nd oh: I do realize the horrible class of the green bowl! The bong just didn't have one so I'm using an old glass green bowl till I find a nice white slider that goes well with the sorta pearly-white vibe]

    Anyways so basically at our apartment complex there was a party going on at the pool and some guy who had been bar hopping was hitting on a guys girlfriend, he tells him to lay off, he doesn't fight ensues. This guy who was bar hopping went upstairs then came back downstairs and apologized and acted cool, then started another fight, and basically it resulted in him claiming to go "call his boys" and later some of his dumbass punk friends were over just looking around for some kid who already left.

    But my roomate was walking around [and I guess he looks like the kid they were looking for or wearing a similar outfit or something] with his 12 pack and got jumped by them around the corner and my roomate is the maintenance guy at our apartment complex and he got this asshole[the drunk guy who started all of this] evicted the next morning and we know the asshole's roomates [the roomates are cool as fuck though, I toke with them all the time] and when he moved out he gave his bong [the one previously pictured] to them to use and they already have enough glass pieces they gave it to me for free and I let my roomie smoke the first fat bowl out of it after we cleaned it like crazy.

    But anyways on to the bud! Here's a pic I just took that's what's left of the sack. I bought a little over 5g's for $60, and it's some no-name haze and smells pretty piney. Pretty chill body high and my brain runs around but not too fast; at the same time. Nice medium.

    There's maybe an eighth left.


    But yeah the blurry macro still doesn't grasp how many trichs their are, it's covered way more than it looks but I'm retarded and used shitty lighting and this orange mini-cigar case, should have used something to make the bud stand out more, but oh well I just wanted to share something and now I'll be able to at least get a few decent pics these days with my roomie having a pretty nice digital camera.

    Oh yeah and if anyone's into art, me and my roomates are all sorta part-time artists and we enjoy tagging and whatnot and since we can't paint in our apartment we have canvas' that we use to get high as fuck and just keep painting over and all of us put efforts into it so it's basically a never ending collage by us. But it's changed 420 million times but this is how it looked when I went to bed last night:


    and this is what it looks like as of now that we just finished touching up after a smoke sesh after work:


    Anyways sorry for the crazy-ass long post! I've just been too lazy to share with all my blades and I'mma start making up for it hehe. Anyways I'm blitzed, I'm gonna rip another fat snapper :bongin:
  2. i had/have the same bong but the bottom where it is all white for you is like yellowish on mine but its the same exact one i got it in boston. but i got it with my girl at the time and we broke up and she insisted on begging n begging for it and i just didnt wanna talk to the psycho so i just gave it to her but shes going to the marine core so i think im getting it back when she goes. it doesnt hit like the best bong in the world but its so thick, thats why i got it.
    i have yet to find a slide that matches the bong.
  3. Yeah but it rips nice as hell for free haha. I sold all my glass/glass pieces when I moved from FL to Louisiana and I'm back to saving up for a decent clear beaker with a perc, a/c, and a cooler. It's just nice to have a decent glass piece that's pretty big. Haven't had a larger bong in forever.
  4. pretty epic story i must say.
  5. hope your still subscribed to this still MCjewcy.
    i actully just got mine back and i had a picture that i forgot about.:eek:

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  6. nice bowl now bro. xbox360 FTW
  7. I reading this and saidthis has to be going on in florida,then i look at your location and it says Tampa

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