Awesome pizza delivery

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by littlejord, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. So me and 2 other buddies were getting really stoned and decided to order 2 large pizzas, we got 1 large pepperoni and 1 large weird kinda sausage pizza. Anyways we were gonna get the pizza guy stoned when he came but we timed it bad and I went to switch out the bong water right when he showed up so we couldn't

    BUT we go to eat the pizza and they actually brought us a pepperoni and a Hawaiian, WTF!!! So we phone back and the chick said it was her fault for reading it wrong but they will bring us the right pizza for free and $5 credit so we got a free pizza, dope. So 20 minutes go by and we go out to the garage and start toking the bong. He pulls up and just gives us the free pizza not saying anything about the bong and starts to walk away so my friend called out "hey wanna toke man" he turns around and was like "hell ya I'm a pizza driver id love a toke" so my friend packs him a fatty and he just torches it and gets it milky as hell, clears a bit and than blows it out and than just leaves leaving the whole bong just filled with smoke and says bye. After that we all laughed are asses off at how bad his toke was but it was funny still and we got a free extra pizza out of it
  2. that actually pretty funny haha i wish i could toke with a pizza dude
  3. why the hate on NY Style Pizza?
  4. Chicago Deep Dish or GTFO
  5. that deep dish is too heavy

    get a nice light yet filling NY style, goes much harder in the paint
  6. Yeah fuck your deep dish
  7. No way, paying $90 for a large pizza and feeling like a baller is way better.
  8. You should feel like a rape victim at that price cause that's what they're doing to you if its 90 bucks for a pizza
  9. Hey man if you got good pizza you can rape me anyday of the week.
  10. That's takes all he fun out of it, you can't be willing
  11. So it would only be rape.. if the pizza was bad?
  12. Ok now I'm confused you win
  13. "hell ya I'm a pizza driver id love a toke"

    Hahaha not sure why I laughed so hard at this.
  14. NY style pep & cheese.

    top it with cold mozzarella cheese...
    like you would do with parmesan cheese.
    its fucking amazing.

    honestly the best pizza i have ever ate.
    Huntington Bay, Long Island, New York.
    i will find this place & eat it once again!
  15. haha this thread has me rollin
  16. lol @ this thread
  17. btw fuck yo deep dish
  18. that's awesome

    ordering a pizza in general, when youre stoned as hell with a bunch of people

    is an amazing idea
  19. SAME HERE LOL! when i order pizza a again im going to slip the guy a weed and a pipe to smoke in front of me while my dad is away sooooo....he said not to let anone else some it ecept him and me but FUCK IT its weed right:) so i am going to try that

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