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  1. If I had the money I would buy this in a heartbeat.

    "This all glass piece contains rare gases that glow, move, and respond to your touch. Plasma, it's the most common state of matter in the universe, excited gas releasing light. This seven inch dry piece has an external water chamber, snorkel carb, and antenna. It illuminates mulit-colors when sitting on its separate power supply, included along with adapter. Safe, non-toxic, long life span, very trippy... Light Up Your Glass!"
    The Plasma Bubbler by PlasmaPipes on Etsy[]=tags&includes[]=titleIf
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    That is really fucking cool, but I had to laugh at some of their stuff in the product description. Most of the gases to make plasma are not very rare at all. Any kind of gas state room temp stable elements that ionize easily can be used to create plamsa. It is essentially like the cool plasma orbs you can buy at places like Spencers, but inside a pipe. I would also be very concerned about the fragility and power source on the pipe. I wonder how you could easily clean the pipe without messing up the power source to the plasma. Over all a pretty cool find man. Plus that shit would get hot after a couple mins. of being on. (Try holding one of those plasma spheres for an extended period. They heat up really fucking fast.)
  3. thats so sick

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