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awesome pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by detailed one, May 15, 2010.

  1. gonna be one fucking good night (i hope):devious:

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  2. nice pickup.
    stay safe cousin!
  3. fucking hope so :D my dude says there really strong mushies.
  4. id eat them all. then do grav bong rips. +1

  5. the last time i had mushrooms i spent all night on the porch (during winer) and cursing the world because i didnt have a ham sandwich.

    tripped balllllllls
  6. haha i ate a bag this size last time and NO way in hell doing it ever AGAIN. sharing them with my girlfriend.
  7. i cant wait to get some shrooms man. 2 years ago i ate almost a quarter in a night. and yeah dude. ik i was kinda joking in my post. id most def not eat em all haha.
  8. yeh some people have to search high and low and everytime i phoned i get my hands on a nice batch.
  9. Prepare for trippen!!!~~!~!~~!
  10. i wish i was you. i always wanted to try shrooms but i can never find them. how are they like hows the trip i herd u can see random shit. but my house is haunted. i see shit walking SOMETIMES but i here shit all nite long and during the day my door likes to open itself. so idk if i would want to do them at my house
  11. nice dude ive been after shrooms so long even my dealer is tired of me asking. DO WANT
  12. really thats like 2 caps, i get shrooms from my field, cubes, same as you got there, and i can trip off of 2 or three caps but come on, ive eaten over 15 FAT ASS caps.
  13. yeh sometimes he will have whole dried mushrooms or just stems and small caps.

    and last night it was weird took forever to come up i was just yawning then im like maybe im just tired and went into my room turned the light off closed my eyes then it hit me.

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