Awesome pets to chill with when high?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MsMaddie, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. my dogs pretty fun to chill with. he likes to play around and stuff, hes a standard poodle redish hair, i like to take him on walks and hit a j through this pretty unpopulated street i live near
  2. gota say guys, from the st bernard to the awesome rabbit...that turtles house is fucking amazing! id love to have something like baked right now and seeing some of these cool ass pets you have is tight.

    btw i have 2 catfish in an aquarium on my desk that i love looking at when im blazed
  3. Yea my house is like a damn farm, we got 2 dogs, 4 cats, but thats just now, we used to have a lot more, but theses are the two most chill ones

    My cat POOF, got his name as a kitten, was just a poofball of fur, hes more like a dog, cuz he comes to me when I call him, and follows me around everywhere, its kinda hard to see him cuz hes chillin in a pot (he cant get enough of it)

    Best dog you'll ever meet, Alek, doesn't bark all the time, knows all the commands, loves to play in the snow, every one loves him, hes definetly my favorite

  4. That is a awsome looking Siberian Huskie. I love those dogs eyes man they are the coolest.
  5. The look on your cat in the first pic says "Pass it already!!"

    I dont have any pets right now but I plan to get some when I get my own place
  6. i got 2 bearded dragons to lazy to post pics but they are pretty chill if you high they look like mini dinosaurs even though one is like 20 inches
  7. I love my dog george. When i'm home from college, he'll always come downstairs after i come in from smoking and we'll chill and watch movies and wrestle. Yay for dogs.
  8. See my sig. :p
  9. Sometimes I like to go out and walk my little dachshund while smoking a blunt, haha. And my two cats are always nice to chill with since they're all soft and cuddly and whatnot.

  10. Cute dog

    I have two loveable fatty St. Bernard's named Roxy and Lola
  11. Here is a couple of my little buddys
  12. The Munchies.....

  13. [​IMG]

    my boy patches.
  14. to be honest i think my dog is more of a pothead than me everytime i break out my bong he flips out and starts jumpin on me till i blow smoke in his face and then he chills with me on the couch but i hate my cat cause he is a spaz and just runs around all the time
  15. Dusty 2

  16. omg sorry bout the stretch
  17. What is that?
  18. thats a ferret ^^^
  19. Just look at my signature. :smoke:
  20. Haha I fuckin love rabbits. I used to have a couple when I lived in FL and I always thought they would be awesome to play with when your stoned.

    The best pet to have around is probably my cat. I love my dog but I can't pick her up and carry her around and play with her haha




    Haha she's not actually that chubby. But yeah thats "the cat". We have a name for her but we never use it :p

    Oh and yeah I know she looks all sweet and innocent, but don't let that little f*cks looks fool you. She has some sharp ass claws and she knows it pretty damn well.

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