Awesome pets to chill with when high?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MsMaddie, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. I know my puppy is awesome to have around when im high

    heres a picture of him hahaha anyone else have cool pets?

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  2. my obese cat lol, i wanna get him blazed

  3. Why do you think hes obese? Fuckin muchies! Your cat is a closet stoner... sneakin off into the dirty laundry to toke up when your not lookin... cats are shady.
  4. saint Bernard's are my favorite, they are so relaxed, they sleep most of the day, and aren't very loud, and generally are more like a human than a dog. Great security system too, we had both our front and back door kicked in and we couldnt figure out why nothing was stollen for the longest time. Until I was trying to open the jammed door and was throwing my shoulder into it. Finally it busted open and i saw my dog on the other side with all her hair up and teeth showing, pretty menacing to tell you the truth.... once she realized it was me she calmed down.

    heres ours, 160lbs 6 year old female


  5. omg sooo cute love the one in the hat haha
  6. Haha, that St. Bernard is awesome man.
  7. i had 2 cats befor i used to smoke

    but that was a few years ago :( they are gone now lived a long life i think like 25 or 30 years

    cats are super chill you can just kick back w/ them and enjoy their fuzziness

    dogs are too annoying for me:p
  8. my cat.

    used to have a few snakes, an iguana, a tarantula, fish are awesome to watch stoned, but my favorite pet is my buddy bob the bearded dragon. hes badass, he just chills on my shoulder while i blaze a spliff.
  9. heres my buddy :)


    love the st bernard Nugs, shes adorable...I know a few saints from work, theyre awesome dogs
  10. I love to get stoned and stare at my girlfriends betta fish. Its got cool colors
  11. My 2 year old yellow lab named Gracie chills with me everytime i go out to my back deck to smoke. Although everytime I try to blow her a shotty she turns her head away and wont take it. Oh well at least she keeps me company.

  12. soooo cute
  13. I always love having my pets around (Or friends' pets) when blazing... my cats are fun. When I blaze with one of my best friends, cats are always fun to have around, in part because (for some reason or another) he simply CANNOT comprehend how cats exist when he is baked. He refuses to acknowledge that cats are real.

    ...I miss my cats and dog :(
  14. I´ve got two boxer bitches, most of the time I´m high at home I spend it with them playing or whatever. Sometimes they even wanna smoke some with me, sometimes they don´t though, but when they want to they´ll come straight up to me and sit and start crying for it or start trying to eat it from my hand xD!

    (don´t know how to post pics though so...)
  15. My pet turtle is awesome. I've had her for over 15 years now


  16. I have an african grey parrot...

    It knows so many words and dumb shit, makes fake coughing, sneezing, farting, noises and it talks, sings, whistles, cries, makes a really loud clapping noise with it's beak (IDK HOW THE FUCK HE DOES IT, IT'S FREAKY!!)

    Guess why it coughs haha :smoking:

    I had a couple stoner sessions in my living room once and the bird is in the kitchen.
  17. when ever i go home for holidays or the summer my dog knows that when i stumbe inside at four o clock in the morning that she gets to come out and spark the last whatever with me in the jeep. we go outside she hops into the passenger seat and we chill and listen to music. she is a cool dog
  18. We have a timneh African Grey parrot at my shop ... He is 3 years old and kind of fucking annoying, but I can't be mad at him, he doesn't have any hands to feel things with so he bites with his beak, his beak is damned sharp too. I will post pix of him when I get them.

    As for me, I spend my days chilling with my cat. He was a stray, my dad found him at my grandmother's farm and took him home. He has fufilled my life like crazy! i never thought having a cat would be this great. I love my cat so much.



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