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  1. hey just stumbled on ya'll by accident and glad i did! already getting help. i decided to do this for medical reasons. chronic pain and big pharm solution is worse than the pain. got intrested in micro dosing since i havent partaken in over 30 years. i learned to grow and cure tobacco as practice so i woulnt have to risk buying and could supply my own finally aquired some seed and my first plant is 3 weeks old! any advice from the ancients is greatly appreciated!

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  2. What are you growing in and other information of the like is appreciated. We love to give advice but we also love to know more of the specifics. Any other information would be great. Kind of seed, medium, lights and watering/feeding scheds.
  3. from what i know seed could be white widow came out of colorado not really sure i soaked seed in wet napkin for 24 hours and planted in a homemade mix of potting soil seed starter and a light dusting of horse manure. once hardened i put out in partial sun during the day and under two cheap led grow lights at night it seems to like it so far i think its an inica strain ? nodes are close and leaves kinda chubby
  4. Drainage in the soil is extremely important, which is why the majority of us mix anywhere from 20-50% perlite with our soil. Very important to let the soil dry out completely before watering.
    Also, not sure if your pot is clay or plastic (they look very similar in pictures sometimes) but.. if it is.. don't use clay.

    Other than that, looking great so far.
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  5. thanks! its plastic i learned with tobacco not to drown em for me the weight of the pot is the easiest way to mske sure im not over doing the water . using liquid karma to feed. any thoughts?
  6. That looks like plastic to me. I agree it looks like indica. Those fan leaves are wide and overlapping so I'd say it's heavily indica. Are you planning to repot it at some point? If so, when the leaves before reaching the edges of the pot definitely urge you to mix that soil with perlite. Also, a good way to check that it has dried out before watering again is to lift that pot to feel how much water may be hanging around. You want those roots to breath.
  7. so dont wait for the leaves to reach the edge? i will def repot with a lighter mix. lm sprouting two more so they will go in the lighter mix. that way i can put away the toothpic aerator ive been using to keep it loose thanks so much for the help. nervous on so many fronts everything helps
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  8. I suggest to repot it when the leaves are reaching the edges mostly because that's when the roots may reach a point of being root bound but you don't have to wait. You can do it now if you want. You just don't want to repot too quickly in succession. I don't know if you started it in that one or not, like if you transferred into that pot after it was rooted then maybe wait a little bit just to keep it from stressing. Hope that makes sense.
  9. What size put are you looking to move into for the finale?
  10. perfect sense i started in that pot with shallow dirt so i could fill in to just above the first leaflets. any plants i should avoid as neighbors to it?
  11. 3 -5 gallon
  12. Most recommend 5 gal
  13. Good question.. not one I can answer with certainty but I don't know of any.
  14. thats what i was leaning towards

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