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  1. This thread is for all the positive parental encounters that just blow your mind. Those, "Did that really just happen!?" moments in which parents play the cool role rather than the douche. Here's my most recent...

    Over the past summer, my mother decided she'd prefer me smoking buddha than cigarettes... so, she lets my older sister and i smoke on the porch whenever we want. Yesterday's event won the prize though. I'd just gotten home and my mom and step dad were out grocery shopping, so i packed a bowl for my sister and i. Mid-bowl, my parents come home and we're still on the porch. I got the last hit and right as i was blowing out the smoke my mom comes out and looks at my sister and i, sees the bowl in my hand and the smoke coming out of my mouth, and she says, "We're having breakfast for dinner. How much do you guys want?" We tell her and then my step dad comes out, sees my bowl as well and says, "I love your haircut!" The four of us start talking about dinner, while my bowl in just in my lap. Everyone goes inside, and i go blow out the bowl. I walk in the house, bowl in hand the whole time, and casually pass my mom on the way to my room. Five minutes later she comes into my room and asks me if my homework is finished and i tell her not yet and the only thing she says is, "Maybe you shouldn't get stoned before you do your homework..." Hahah, through the whole sequence of events i had to fight so hard not to smile at how completely awesome my parents were being. A year ago, this would have definitely not flown. THEN! Today, i got a citation for leaving school, and my mom gets me out of basically all of my punishments with the school (like not being able to park on campus- how ridiculous is that!). We get home, and my mom is a little pissed considering it wasn't my first suspension. So guess what she says as my only punishment, "From now on, you can't get stoned until after you're finished with your homework." I was expecting the generic no car, grounded, no phone, no computer, or some variation of the few. It may not sound too amazing, but it blew my mind how cool she was being. All i have to say is, life ain't too bad at the home right now. All parents should just be like this.

    So what's your awesome parent story?
  2. I don't have one that cool but I just wanted to tell you how grateful you should be that you have that.
  3. i think it was when i was in high school, my teacher was a racist pig, and if your from the bay area california,you should know, we have no room for racist, we are just too diverse, so she yells at a student in class for talking to another student and both are friends of mine but she only yells at the black kid, like yelling and making him hella embarassed, so i figh back kinda and eventually i lose my temper and i start yelling too, completely losing my cool and composure, so i get suspended and my dad finds out what happens and instead of getting mad he sends me away to surf for a week. haha
  4. no shit homie....enjoy that man. my mom let me smoke weed but not like that...she just told me to smoke it when i was home by myself or after she went to sleep lol
  5. My parents are fucking cool, but not because they let me smoke pot. They've taught me so much and always let me be who i wanted to be, within reason. ;)

    I would like to say I have the best parents ever.
  6. My mom was the first person too pass me a pipe. I walked out on my mom and sister smoking with all my sisters friends and I asked to try weed just once so they let me. Now since im an uncle and am doing well in life she dosent like me doing it.

  7. Don't spread your lies. I once watched my friend's dad roll a joint with one hand once as we were casually having a conversation. We then watched Anderson Silva completely dominate Rich Franklin.
  8. My mom lets me grow in the backyard so i think she's pretty chill:smoke:

    My aunt was just over and brought me some seeds and i smoked with her and my mom
  9. hahahaha
    i got my mom really high one time
    and she started freaking out thinking she was dying
    and just kept telling me that i made her smoke too much
    then i proceeded to laugh
    twas great
  10. Back in high school, my dad and step mom let me continue to smoke weed as long as I got my grades up from the shitty ones I had been getting. Three weeks left in the school year and I went from F F D D D to C C C C C (that was at the end of sophomore year). From junior to senior year, I didn't get lower than a C in a single class and never got lower than a 3.0 besides a one time 2.8.

    So pretty much my parents made me the best deal possible and it showed.
  11. my parents said the exact same thing
  12. My parents know I smoke. I'll hit the bong while they are on the front porch with me. I also have about 8 plants growing in the backyard which they know about.
  13. Trust me, i'm very thankful.. it wasn't always like this. About 6 months ago my dad sent me to a treatment facility & up until then both my mom and dad hadn't been strait with me blazing because i'm so young. A month after i got out, my mom came out on the back porch while i was smoking a cigarette and she said she'd rather me smoke weed than smoke cigarettes.

    I haven't blazed with either of my parents yet though. My sister and her friends have with my mom and my step-dad. I'm determined by the end of this school year to blaze with my mom and get her high off her ass.
  14. i puff with my dad, but my mom hates it, apparently its part of the reason they got divorced, i guess my mom thought when i was born no more pot, my dad uses it to self medicate his bipolar, and honestly he is much more tolerable when smoking pot in comparison to when he stops and is only on medications. o well. but yea my dads chill with the buds, usually has better stuff than me!
  15. I told my mom I smoked pot one night when I came home blazed as fuck. She surprised me though.

    "Seth I haven't told you this before, but when I was in high school I was a dealer. Just don't get caught.

    I was like, "Do what?" :eek:

  16. Ha that is quite literally THE shit. If my mom told me she was a dealer i would go into shock... but i guess she wasnt always my mom
  17. my parents have always had a weird outlook on pot, my mom is ok with it as long as im carefull and not driving. My dad on the other hand thinks pot is really funny(he's never smoked before but my mom has)
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    father:so whats it like
    me:AWASOME easier to control then mushrooms, like sometimes i cant even form sentences on shrooms
    father: haha, your shirts on backwards.

    that was one night when the mother was away on vacation. If she eve had ANY idea, the father would have probably been vicously stabbed then divorced lol. so yeah COOLEST FATHER EVER.

    also really good people, hard working, know right from wrong and actually I dont deserve the parents I got...

  19. So if your parents let you smoke it automatically makes them the best? I thought good parents were the ones who gave you life lessons so you didn't get fucked later in life?

  20. qft!!

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