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  1. Hello Growers :wave:

    Okay so i have read a couple forums on co2 and all those
    stealth growers out there or people who are just looking
    to cut some corners and not buy a co2 tank with a regulator.

    Now you can do the simple take a throw away co2 tank and
    break the seal and let it go in your box but those get way to spendy
    to be doing once a day. So this is what i came up with..

    Youtube Channel JUSTGROW420 - YouTube

    You will Need:

    Allen Wrench
    Co2 Tank "9oz, 12oz, or 24oz"
    Co2 Is 20 cents per OZ to refill. CHEAP!
    and a paintball gun "if possible"
    Cubic Calculator link Below.

    So the first step it to get everything you need...

    So now your going to take your allen wrench and remove
    the two screws holding in the female end.

    Once you do that unscrew the part that goes up towards the hopper
    "the paintball holder"

    Now you are basically done. All you do is screw the hose onto
    the Co2 tank till you start to hear it come out.
    I put mine in my box and let it go for the estimated amount of time
    You can find cubic sq feet calculators on the internet i will
    try to provide a link. ON TOP

    BUDS :hello:

    Thanks everyone for checking my forum out!
  2. If anyone has questions just Personal Message me
  3. Have you noticed a difference?
  4. Very nice job dude. I had thought something similar too, but did not know if it would be worthy to make the required modifications. If you had a meter to check difference in Co2 levels you could tell for sure if there was a noticable increase.
  5. Hell yes i have noticed a difference, I have done alot of things better in this grow so maybe its just an over all better medicine all together, but i do believe the Co2 has helped in one way or another. Yes.
  6. Do they make co2 testers? I wonder if you could find some kind of flange to attach to the end of the hose? Then maybe be able to run some hoses around the plant. Great idea man might try this one out myself.
  7. Co2 is a waste if your room isn't sealed
  8. it's a waste if you have fans going at the time, but being hermeticaly sealed shouldn't be needed, it's not apt to escape quickly through any hole much above ground because it's significantly heavier than air, so it shouldn't go escape very quickly unless there's airflow encouraging it to move.. it likes to stick to the ground.
  9. buying an old co2 fire extinguisher will be a lot cheaper for most people. you can get a 2kg extinguisher for £15 and just put a ball valve on it. tape the trigger down and open the ball valve just slightly

    a gauge won't work to show you how much is left, you will need to weigh it. the pressure stays the same until its almost empty because when you pressurise co2 it liquefies until its full. then as pressure is released more and more liquid turns back to gas, keeping the pressure at about 800psi. this is temperature dependant
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    fair enough, but once you have the cylinder... Well my 20lb cylinder costs me $15 to fill at any welding shop.. and it has to be 8x the size of any fire extinguisher..
    of course, I'm lucky enough to be tight with someone who owns a bar, so using that one (or even a 50lb one, if I could lift it) is free to me...
  11. I was referring to the idea of dismantling a paintball marker and getting a paintball bottle refilled.

    even using a paintball bottle your better off just buying an ASA tap and screwing it straight on instead of taking bits off the paintball marker. an ASA tap will be about £3.

    everyone will have access to an extinguisher refill service. pub or welding bottles are expensive and aren't easily filled for most people
  12. You can get fire extinguishers filled for free? Da fuq
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    To be fair, in the US, most of our fire extinguishers aren't full of CO2, in fact that class isn't meant for normal fires at all (electrical fires are what they're for), everyday class ABC extinguishers are filled with powder ( I remember that it's edible, corn starch I think), so they're not going to be much good for this.:smoke:
  14. I never said it was free, what the fuck are you quoting me for?

    obviously it has to be a co2 fire extinguisher, Jesus Christ! I didn't think I had to mention that. I can't say I care what the US ones mostly are. most extinguishers in the UK are water but co2 ones are still easily available

  15. your a bit to hostile dude.

    this is a weed forum, calm and cool vibes all around!

  16. read the whole thread dude
  17. the tread seems to consist of you coming up with a flawed idea, me being a major negative nelly because, well it's just how I am (sorry) and you maybe talking it all a bit too harshly..

    I admit, I have an unreasonable tendency to pick apart the flaws in any new idea, and you're a bit easy to get riled up... fair enough?
  18. what's flaws?
    it's not a new idea mate, it's been used longer than I have been growing and I have been growing many years

  19. I'm not going to start pointing out very minor issues at this point, because I know my tendency to do so is one of my major character flaws, which I'm trying to work on.. so my apologies for any stress I've caused you, we cool?
  20. dam i should have never thrown away my paint ball gun

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