Awesome night.

Discussion in 'General' started by madamayo, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. The girlfriend has been on vacation in France for the last week. I would have gone, but I have plants to take care of.:D

    Anyways, last night a few of the guys came over, next thing I know I wake up in my apartment, and there's beers everywhere. One of my friends is asleep in the office near my growbox (hes a big nature guy, something about wanting to be with the plants :rolleyes:) the other two are passed out on my couches, and the place REEKED to high heavens of beer and joint roaches.

    After a while the whole night came back to me, and as I was going through my phone I discovered this:


    I guess at some point last night, I was challenged to roll a 1/8th cone joint. I must have been 8/9 beers in by this point, (Hazed and Infused by Boulder Brewery is the BOMB!) but I am quite proud of that craftmanship. And the fact that my drunk ass took a picture.

    Well, time to water the girls and have another beer... still got a 6 pack left to myself, and smoke the roach! :devious:
  2. your girls in france?


  3. Oh shit....
  4. LMFAO coool story bro.
  5. Hahahha this made me crack up idk why. Good shit tho man
  6. sounds like a fucken good night, and loll at your friend wanting to be with nature.

    keep an eye on him tho, he must really love those plants :O
  7. Ya its hilarious watching him. He loves mushrooms, and this one day he was sitting there, staring at my plant, tripping his ass off. After like 45 minutes of quiet staring he just says "Dude, this plant loves us man... you better love it back." I totally lost it at that point, shit was hilarious

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