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    So I'm going to college next year, and basically my parent said that my gift is that I can grow a few plants in the basement, just for me :hello::smoking:.

    And I've been reading guides, got a few videos on it, but it's kind of confusing. So I don't have too much money to spend, and don't want to have a too elaborate system, just a simple, cheap grow, that I plan on tending frequently. I mean I want some good stuff, but it's going to be some bagseed from some good green bud, and purp, so yah.

    What lights should I get, and how many, and the wattage, what's the best fert, and should I know anything else important (for 2-4 plants). Are the smell reducers, temp gauges, moisture gauges, and constant fertilizer stabalizing really needed?

    Can I just go with fert, a light (still, what kind and watt?), and water?

    Thanks for any help, I'm just pretty friggen excited for this, and it's hard to get through all the mess of tutorials and what not. :D
  2. Alright, so I read more on CFLs and those look like the way I should go, for cheapness and efficency (correct me if I'm wrong)..

    and I've found 6-packs of 23watt GE energy smart CFLs. So for 4 plants I should get like 2 of these packs?
  3. if your gonna do 2-4 plants i would suggest getting a 5 pack of feminized seeds so you know all your plants are female and that you aren't wasting your time, I dont know how much room you have for your grow, but CFL's and normal long tube flourescents are the cheapest light you can get.
  4. I would try to get a 5 pack of feminized, but I really have no way of obtaining them.

    So I had like 30 seeds, then took all the dark ones, and had 11, and I just picked the healthiest and biggest looking ones and started germiniating 4 of those.

  5. God speed little beans! :hello:

    I started 8 bagseed, killed 2 males, 5 confirmed females and 1 unknown. Just so you have an idea. I read its something like a 50/50 shot with un-feminized seeds, so I think I was one of the lucky ones.
  6. Yeah that seems like a good little ratio on your side, haha.

    But I won't know till the flowering stage which are male and female correct?
  7. Hopefully, around Week 5, give or take, you'll see pre-flowers that will show the sex (see pic below). Good luck on your grow!

  8. Yeah I knew how to tell the difference, just didn't know around what time, thanks though, and yeah I hope for the best :)!
  9. you started germing even though u dont know what light your going to use lolz

  10. Haha, yes I know I know. But I expected an answer fast, and I can run out to the store and grab some CFLs in like 10 minutes.
  11. well ive seen a few posts around here about lighting and its normally 100 watts per plant and 50 for every one after that (thats actual watt for cfls)

    Plus your meant to scrub ya grow room and make sure everything is sorted before even thinking about germinating lol

    Good luck tho! Come on magic beans
  12. Oh well everything else is set up, just I needed to know what lights to by. I'm a-okay on pots, sterilization, reflection, and whatever else. I just wondered about fert and lights. Which as I said, are easy to obtain quickly.
  13. That's sick, they're just gonna let you grow! lol:hello:

    Just remember to look at lumens when you buy your lights, and i would go to lowes or home depot cause they have the bigger watters there

    remember to get the Daylight 6500k for veg and soft white 2700k for flower.

    As for soil and nutes i would look into Fox Farm's.
    Try and find a hydro shop in your area and go there to buy them, fox farm's is really popular around here

    Good luck on your grow:smoke:

    And hopefully all fem :)
  14. Thanks, and yeah I'll look into that fert!

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