Awesome New Hand Carved Pipe!

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    My friend purchased this for me back in July for my birthday, however never got around to giving it to me till today. It's a Wooden Pipe hand carved by a one armed Jamaican. My friend said she watched him carve it. He held it between his feet and carved it with a knife. Not the best pictures, but it's quite amazing. Has quite a few cool designs carved in, including a lion chasing a goat right below the bowl. It also doesn't look it in the photo but the bowl is massive. It's probably half a pound all together.


  2. I like it man! What is that bowl made out of?

  3. It looks and feels like granite. Have yet to smoke out of it. I'm smoking for the first time this school year on thursday (smoked really dank shit everyday over the summer and was completely ruined. Trying to give my brain time to recover.) When I do take it for a spin I'll give it a name. This is my first piece though, I'm quite excited. No more water bottle bongs for me.
  4. That is really awesome dude. +rep for the coolest wooden pipe I have seen. How much did it cost?
  5. Yo me and my buds went to the carribeanm and got one of those!
    Its a bubler, or a bong, or dry pipe!
    Look it up or something and theres guides to make them all!
  6. ME too i was in the virgin islands and saw the exact same bubbler for 20 bucks
  7. jesus.. thats such a sick piece. I want a pipe like that so I feel like Dave Chappelle in half baked :cool:

    Nice amp too :metal:

    edit: gonna have to plus rep for the pipe, the amp and the july birthday :D

  8. Well this was purchased in Jamaica and is a Pipe, not a Bubbler.


    You a guitarist? The amp is a 1963 Fender Bassman. Jimi used that model on quite a few songs on his studio albums.

  9. for bein a 63 it looks like its in amazing condition. if thats the original tolex and grill thats worth a fair chunk of change.

    nice pipe to. lol

  10. Yup, original tolex and grill. Outstanding amp!
  11. Yeah I play. Haha my Roland 60 watt isn't exactly worthy of Jimi Hendrix but it gets the job done :cool:

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