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  1. So when I'm not in college even though I live in NYC it's difficult for me to find a good dealer with good bud. My old guy was reliable and had good bud, but I think he may have been shorting me a bit and to pick up bud I'd have to go to his place and pay $55 for an eighth. My girlfriend just hooked me up with her dealer. This guy drives over with what looks like an eighth for $45! He charges the $5 extra for delivery which is fair. Here's a picture of the pick up just for shits and giggles.

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  2. Idk if that's an eighth. You weigh it?
  3. I think your awesome new dealer shorted you
  4. To the posters above. It may be hella dence. Op should buy a scale tho
  5. Looks to me he charged u 40 for 2 grams and then a extra 5 for his gas. So u didnt buy a eighth. U just bought 2 grams
  6. It's pretty on point cause it's almost as thick as it is long. The bag is pretty much filled up. But nah I don't have a scale since I still live at home.
  7. I'll post a side view.
  8. Looks good
    Very professional
  9. Side view

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  10. that looks like a gram at the most

  11. Your weed must be as light as a feather then...

  12. Not necessarily, I get variations.

    Anyhow, what I stated was just an approximation, I never said I was completely certain that you had no more than a gram. It just does not look like an eighth to me.
  13. I'd say 2.5 tops but I'm also pretty shitty at guessing weight.
  14. Do yourself a favor and buy a digital scale off of eBay or something and weigh it in front of him next time you buy something. Nice or not dealers will try and take advantage of you if they think they can get away with it

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  15. That looks like 2.5 at most even if it was dense

    Your awsome new dealer doesnt seem so awsome afterall haha

  16. That bag looks like one of those you put a dime or dub in. Great looking weed man but you need to spend 15-20$ on a scale. It may be dense but just last week I picked up 2 O's that looked like only 1oz. I had a 3.3g nug and it was still bigger than the nug you posted. I'd say its maybe 2 at the most. A scale is the best investment you can make man
  17. Looks like almost 2 g's... Hard to tell without a scale tho
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    My dealer puts extra weight in his bags for more customers his dimes weigh 4 grams gotta love NY :D
    And btw you got ripped bro
  19. Definitely no more than 2.5 grams, That looks like a 20 sack bag as it is. No dealer is gonna try to fit 3.5 grams in a 20 bag.

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