AWESOME Mountain-Top Milkshot! Drove an hour to get this picture...

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  1. Drove an hour into the Rockies for this picture. Hope you guys think it's as epic as I do.

  2. nice spot. half the fun of smoking for me is finding cool places to smoke.
  3. i see your from boulder. i grew up there as a kid....god i miss that place :(
  4. do people not see you from that road ? loll
  5. ya lol id be sketched out sitting next to a road like that, especially with a bigass bong you can't hide.

    looks like a cool spot anyway tho.

  6. nice tat :)
  7. hell yea dude thats an awesome picture!
  8. I would give anything to be smoking somewhere like that right now.
  9. haha
    i thought those tree branches sitting to the left of you were antlers

    like you just went hunting

    shot a deer


    had a victory toke lol
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    Yeah I was convinced they were until you said something. I thought that was part of the epic part. I'm very high.:smoking: That's a sick spot though.
  11. I want an orange label so badly. :(
  12. Thats pretty ballin man. Right next to the road and everything. And i agree with person above, half the fun of smoking outside is doing it someplace cool. Cheers
  13. Badass shot man

    A buddy and i just got back from up there...We went through littleton to Fort Collins for a few days then back down to Boulder...Had a great time too and got a new piece from a local shop in Boulder
  14. Sick spot! Lovin' the roor and tat.

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