awesome LSD documentary...

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    for all you acid fans, or even people interested in acid, you have to see this.

    there are 10 parts to this doc. but i thought this one was awesome. if you have time watch all of them.

    [ame=""]YouTube - LSD BBC Documentary - Part 7 / 10[/ame]
  2. bumping this. i know theres more people that are interested in this?
  3. i definitely have to watch the rest of this later.
  4. this is the last time im bumping this. people need to see this
  5. I'll definately check this out, but at a later date.
  6. Friendly bump.
  7. bump for a bombs
  8. havent taken a look at it yet but im going to riiiighhht after i bump this.........
  9. good shit!
  10. man that clip is pretty bumpppppppppppin

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