Awesome Job on the SITE!!

Discussion in 'General' started by budguy, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. SJ,

    Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great job on the new site.....everything looks great, and damn does it feel good to be here..... :)

    I bet everyone will have awesome reviews for this site, looks good, smells good, ohhhh wait thats my joint burning i smell.....hahahaha

  2. Thanks man, I'm going home now, hoping tommorow will be filled with happy postings :))))))

    thanks for your support the last weeks!!!

  3. I like what I see. It was worth the wait.
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  4. You did a damn good job Super J and so far all I have read are happy postings.

    I am going to smoke a super fat J in your honor, man!
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  5. Congrats Super Joint! Good Looking Site. Now I wish I could figure out how to use all these fancy gadgets and options on your new home.
  6. High everyOne <image src="">

    I fully agree..SUPER Nice job SJ...I'm impressed :D:D:D

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