Awesome Jimi Hendrix portrait made out of match heads, which he then lights on fire

Discussion in 'General' started by iryad, Aug 14, 2007.

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    <font size=1>Jimi Hendrix Match Art Up In Flames

    That's amazing :eek:
  2. trippy. i wish i could've seen hendrix with his guitar burning live.
  3. That was awesome man, great post. :hello:
  4. That's awesome, how the hell did he get them all to stand up like that?

    Jimi was an amazing guitarist, on a different level than anyone else in the 60s. His style was the definition of psychedelic rock, and it was completely original, unheard of anywhere else. Plenty of bands then were just copying the style of whoever was popular at the time, whereas Jimi could just channel his thoughts and feelings though his guitar and make it sound so far out and otherworldly, yet so personal and natural. His talents are sorely missed in todays music industry, although there are some promising acts out there.
  5. that's awesome

    i could never have burnt it though

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