Awesome Idea I Tried Out Last Night!

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by NujabesTokes, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ok, so i've read off honeyoil infused joints before, but that seemed like a lot of work to me, especially to those who don't have a good 'tane source or can't work outdoors.

    So, while waiting for my Qwiso to evaporate, i dipped a paper, up to about 5mm before the gum, in the alcohol. I used all my remaining bud for the Qwiso, i so i unfortunately couldn't use it to roll up a jib.

    However, once it dried, i could smell a faint alcohol smell, but more importantly, a stronger smell of bud. So, i rolled it up by itself, and lit it up. It was kind of gross, only smoking paper, but i did get a nice buzz.

    So, i think if i waited for more alcohol to evaporate so the cannabinoids are more concentrated, i could get a much more powerful dip. Then, i'd use this magical paper to roll a nice doobie for me and a couple friends. Usually i need a good jib to myself for a nice high, but i think with the infused paper one could be enough for two or three heads.

    What do you guys think? :smoke:
  2. i wouldnt have smoked just paper but this sounds cool also nujabees was sick sad that he has passed
  3. paper + alcohol = ...
    I dont know, I wouldn't smoke that shit, but whatever floats your boat I guess
  4. wouldnt the alcohol evaporate? if this is safe it sounds like a freakin great idea, i would love to have a stack of qwiso hash infused papers lying around. did it make the paper harder to roll?
  5. wtf why would you smoke just paper
  6. You would not like what I would have to say :devious:
  7. Well, if you read the post, you'd know i was out of bud.
  8. closed minded....

    if the alc. is allowed to evaporate prior to consumption, I don't see what people are so opposed to with this idea.

    i would roll a cig with it, though
  9. Sounds like a fine idea. you should purge anything you smoke until there's absolutely no Alcohol smell left, but aside from that sounds neat.

    If you like that idea, next time, use bourbon to extract your bud, then dip the paper in that and let it dry.

    Bourbon dip is good with a spliff.
  10. i just happen to have some bud from an outdoor grow that didnt end very well that i am planning to make hash from, looks like i will be making a couple hash papers this weekend :) .....

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