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    I was thinking I should plant some vegetables (legitimate ones, that isn't a codeword for pot!) on some neighbours' property up north this summer. They have tons of land that's way back from the road and that no one ever goes on, so why not?

    Do you guys know if it'd be possible to get vegetable seeds to take? The terrain there is quite rugged, it's all Canadian shield. I'll probably need plants that can grow either in about two inches of moss (with solid rock underneath) or that can grow in the shade (since there is a forested area with tall trees).

    Do you guys have any ideas?
  2. Hmm the terrain sounds very rough, I'm no expert but I don't think you would have any luck trying to grow veggies there.

    Why did you just come up with this if you don't mind me asking
  3. Or, grow weed if its such a great spot
  4. Well, I was reading about how to make strawberry crepes (for Valentines Day :p) and then I was reading about strawberry growing techniques, and then I was thinking I should grow some nice produce next summer, and then voila!

    Therre's quite a few patches of wild blackberries that grow successfully in this area, if that influences anyone's thinking.
  5. i would say that you could defiantly grow some berries or veggies there just make sure to look up the last day of frost for that area. if you want to give them a better chance start your seeds at your place before you put them in the ground

    if you're going to grow anything you'll have to worry about birds/deer/rodents eating whatever it is at the end
  6. shrooms :p lol
  7. That's true. I was thinking of maybe getting a scarecrow and using some netting or something or them.

    I've read that peas will grow in shade if it gets hot enough. Does anyone know of other vegetables that grow well with shade?
  8. Any other ideas?

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