Awesome idea for a website!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tokeysmokey23, May 10, 2011.

  1. Someone needs to create a porn bloopers website. When the porn stars mess up really bad. Like when they slip on a pile of jizz on a wood floor or something extremely funny like that.

    I would go to that web site every fucking day

    What do you guys think? :smoke:
  2. I googled "Porn Bloopers" And got plenty of results...
  3. Here's the thing about porn bloopers....if you watch porn bloopers BEFORE you've masturbated it'll basically just lead to watching good porn and masturbating. I could understand watching porn bloopers for a minute or two AFTER masturbating, but it'll just lead to watching something actually funny, or doing something altogether different. Not much market for internet porn bloopers.

    BUT- I plan on someday opening my own bar where we only show porn bloopers. It's gonna be sweeeet
  4. Ive seen a couple of vids that were ok but not manny blooping so i dont watch
  5. ive seen bitches getting mad bc the dude went too hard or came on her face or some shit lol

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