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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by modern-hippy, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. I made it from a glass bottle. I went to a hobby shop and got some brass tubing, and brass plating. I cut the brass plate into a small square, then placed it over a pice of pipe i found in the garage. Using a hammer, I hammerd a bowl shape by smashing the flat plate in to the center of the pipe (not the kind of pipe you smoke out of). Then I used heat resistant Epoxy to mount the steam in place, and i sodderd on the bowl. I used some sharp object to puncter a small hole into the bowl. The great thing about this bong, is the steam, and the hole in the bowl are VERRY small. So instead of getting smoke mixed with air, I get huge lung fulls of just pure smoke. 100% concerated THC. Turns dirt weed into supper weed, and supper weed into... well beyond description. Anyways, heres the pic.

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  2. I would like to add that i spent about $3 USD on this bong. An awesome bong for $3.
  3. lol, seems like u put too much effort into it. usually mine consists of a 20oz code red bottle, tinfoil, and tape. bout $1. have fun toking
  4. yeah how did you drill the hole?

    carb anyone?
  5. fill it with sand and use a special type of drill
  6. actually, i just used a regular battery operated drill, made for wood. It took forever. Th reason this is better then a soda bottle is because its a permanet bong, and it hits a lot better.
  7. yeah that looks cool. i made a hookah a month or so ago that hits like a dream. glass bottle cooly shaped, some tubing, and a brass fitting bowl.
  8. That's nothing, a friend of mine constantly takes glass bottles, and makes bongs outta them, i'll send a pic of one he did, in a minute......
  9. What did you friend use for the bowl?
  10. you may want to consider heating and bending your bowl up.
  11. Once i get my friend's digi cam, ill post pics of "Da Krew's" homemade bong and various pieces. Theyre all made out of bamboo. But our infamous 6-foot bong, approapriatly dubbed "slayer". The first time i hit it, oh lordy. I couldve sworn that wasnt marijuana what i hit that night jebus. But we also have a sherlock holmes pipe piece thats also made out of bamboo. All it took was some $2 hardware, some putty to make the bowl stick to the bamboo, and careful carving...ill post pics when i get back from Boulder...

  12. He used two pieces of pvc things that screw into each other making the bowl removeable. Then he got a thimble, and heated it up and when it got hot enough jammed it into the unscrewable bowl part. After it cooled, he used a hammer and a small nail and punctured a few holes into the bottom of the thimble. Hope that helps.

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