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awesome growroom idea (secret room)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bboy, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. yeah check this out ......

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUFKNU-Of3Y&feature=related]YouTube - Moving Bookcase, Special Book, Secret Room[/ame]

    could be pretty cool if u want to hide bigger grows :)
  2. hmm, could work i guess, but in that video you can clearly see the hinge on the side of the book case.
  3. Yeah i saw that too. you could prop something up there to cover it though, but youd have to move it when you opened it. would be cool, but i think for some reason it would be pretty noticable and problematic. plus most houses dont have secret rooms built in to cover up, and i wouldnt want my plants in the middle of my house. my setup is in the baasement and i have a nice little cubby that used to be the hatchway, and once its all set up, i plan on moving my bar in front of it with some boxes on top so it will be totally stealthy. maybe ill post pics, but thats kind of a long way off.
  4. Fatal flaws :

    1. like kag said, hinges

    2. He used a dictionary as his lever book and thats probably the most likely book to be taken from there. he should have put a more unassuming book.

    3. theres so many blind spots there. theres no way he can exit that door knowing if someones watching him or not. For that to be effective you need it at the end of a hallway with a peephole.

    4. I fucking want one of those.
  5. In one of my old friend's house, they had a hidden room. I would have never known but one day my friend pushed on this shelf in the hallway and it opened to a small room for guns. They had a fucking 50 cal machine gun and AK-47s... His father owned a pawn shop so he had all sorts of goodies laying around (guns, lots of guns)

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