Awesome find...weed game! Yay!

Discussion in 'General' started by eldude-arino, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Now.... I used to play a game called High Grow, I tried to find a Mac version but no luck... I did, however, run across this cool ass game... scope it out here!


    For those of you playing "the game" you lost!

    Got ya!
  2. you fucker now i lost
  3. lmao, got up to BC bud

    this games addicting
  4. i got just past BC my first time... the game is great! love the sound bites and the "is this love" interlude between q's! yay for google
  5. damn it I just lost too :(

    OP: haha, this honeybear game is awesome. thanks :D
  6. Purple Haze, What Up
  7. lol dude I use to play that game all the time.

    Every time I see it I wish there was a television station that would be like any other television station except everyone would be high the entire time. At 6p you know it'd be time for Weed Jeopardy. :smoke:
  8. i wish i could play high grow....anyone know how accurately it portrays real growing/practices/methods
  9. man what a bummer...i got to the 4-way but something bad happens, i won't ruin it for everyone, but i didn't use any lifelines and i won the game essentially
  10. Awww... awesome game, but you need a membership to take full advantage of its goodness.
  11. yeah, read my last post....

    ps- i'm going to stop replying to my own posts now, damnit
  12. there are marley rolling papers damnit!:D
  13. thqat sucked it was a demo i was gona get to smoke the honeybear
  14. WTF i asked the audience and it was
    A: )%
    B: 0%
    C: 2%
    D: 98%

    so naturally i went with the audience but i lost WTF
    i never heard of joker rolling papers btw
  15. Ha, and after that sit in for an episode of the weed of fortune Same game but the wheels just a big psychedelic mess of paint and colors that spins under a black light all the prizes are like trips to Amsterdam
    and Different strains.. Ohhhh he just landed on white widow.!
    "can i buy a -a-a-a... i forgot what i wanted to buy oh.. i want a vowel!"

  16. I made it to where you got dude and it was kind of a bummer.
  17. awww damn i got to northern lights and it ended cuz it was a kill right there haha jk +rep for the game hellla tight
  18. yea the sound bites were funny. yoda laughing, bill and ted, homer DO'H. im so wasted. hahaha
  19. i've actually used jokers.... a friend of mine (who's more of a weed-head than i) had never heard of them either when i gave them to her
  20. Hey, talking about weed games reminded me of this sweet game I used to play called Bong-o-matic, anyone else played it? You can check it out here

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