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Awesome experience with older tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rtlshred, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Is that the mystical man that you met in highschool in your blog story by chance OSG?

    Great story btw
  2. I love it. I'll be blazing when/if I hit 60 for sure.

  3. 'Dave the Hippie' died a little while ago. There was a thread about it.

    Thanks though, I am glad you liked my mini-biography.
  4. Yeah since then we have met up with them two other times. I smoked them down last time I saw them. I asked if I could borrow a paper and the guy said " about another joint?" haha.
  5. I'm envious. I live in a town FULL of old people. But these are like old rich people who go to church twelve times a day. I don't think there are many cool ones around these parts. Though I could be wrong.

    Oh, and by old people I mean 65-death.

    I wish i could smoke with one my parents. You guys better not take that for granted. I bet you guys are a lot closer than most parents/kids.
  6. I'm not really 'old' though I'm sure a lot of blades would disagree (early 40's) but I just smoked up the neighbor's kid today. He's 19 now and in college, just getting ready to go back.

    His parents smoke too. We don't hang out much but when we do they always have some decent bud to chip in with.

    EDIT: Poor kid almost fell over after one bowl of my hybrid plus a touch of my QWISO.
  7. Haha, great stories all, especailly OP, that was great! Cheifin' up with elders is OK by me :] Great stories, different humor than I'm used to, and plus weed makes everything more fun.
  8. That's such a good story. There are a lot of really cool "older" people out there, it's just too bad the age barrier stops a lot of these friendships from forming.

  9. the oldest ive smoked with is a 46 year old

  10. I know you hear this everytime you post, but goddamn I wish I was your neighbor.
  11. :laughing: Thanks. I was just wondering if this kid is on GC. That would be so funny. I don't give away enough for anyone to identify me but that last post of mine in this thread would make him go :eek: probably if he's a Blade.
  12. Great times man:). Love your sig it made me LOL
  13. A few friends and I went to Myrtle Beach for spring break and needed alcohol. We were all 19 with no fakes so we were desperate. We were in the pool of our hotel and this 50 yr old guy walked out. Being stoned and not giving a fuck we asked if he would buy us alcohol for a little extra money. He told us to come to his room and then he said how about I do it for a little something to smoke. We laughed and said haha, alright so that night we rolled a fat ass blunt and went up to his room and smoked it with him. It took him like 3 or 4 hits and he was set. So my buddy and me smoked the rest of it while talking to him. It was awesome.
  14. in like 20 years, this is exactly what i hope i'm doing...
  15. i LOL'd when i read the edit i sure wish i could get a bowl of ur hybrid seein it in the stash jar great buds btw...... OP i still have yet to smoke with an elderly person also been only tokin it up with my age. couple younger ones but yea it would be a treat to smoke with an elderly person just wanna see how they would act baked and listen to some stories they compressed into their brains over the years. :smoking:
  16. The sex is great too. It gets better when you're all grown up and actually know what you're doing and know your partner.

    Thanks :) I'm pretty happy with it so far. We'll see if I can stabilize the genetics properly via backcrossing.
  17. I've toked up with one elderly guy before, every called him "The Colonel" He was hilarious, and would always have a good story to tell.
  18. Back where i live the older dudes smoke dirt because thats all they had growing up. I rolled a skunk hybrid for this 65 year he was shitfaced after lol
  19. I feel bad for them. When I was a kid we had stuff as good or better than what most of you kids smoke today.

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