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Awesome experience with older tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rtlshred, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. my dad is the oldest stoner i know, hes 50 years, and has been smoking moderatly everyday for 33 years, as young as i could remember he would take a small toke before work, and then more at nihgt, honestly for the longest time i thought it wuz tobacco, then when i wuz old enough to realize, he told me "one day, when your of legal age to buy something where you have to think of your health and body in mind, before you decide, wheather its tobacco or alchohol, then you can try marijuana, and it dont want to, that fine as well" i think he pretty much knew i had seen his life work ethic, and the way he acted on pot spoke for himself, so when i was 18 i started smoking pot, and have never felt better

    lol, btw, i guess i might as well say i actually tried it 1 month before my 18th on a trip to ceder point, but i didnt get high:p

  2. Yeah my rule for my daughter was she had to be 18 before she smoked.
  3. DAMNNN yo thats fuckn ill lmfao
  4. being only 18 smoking with someone whos even 30 is an expierence for me. THe oldest person I smoke with is around 55. Hes a cool ass dude hes one of my best buds dads. He refuses to smoke with his son... well because he is somewhat of a dumbass. Me on the other hand I just graduated with a 3.5 and attending OU. Anyways hes always got some crazy stories and theories. He even got himself a nice "garden" in his back yard.

    Other older person I smoke with is this girls mom haha. Some girl I randomly hooked up with one night. I stayed the night woke up to the smell of weed thinking it was her but she was still asleep. I get up and walk outside and theres her mom hitting a bong! I pull out my bag and we smoke it up. To this day she calls me asking if I wanna smoke. She said she likes smoking with younger guys. It makes her feel young again haha. Top it off shes a smoking 40 yr old women!
  5. Haha awesome story. I wish I had a bag of assorted joints filled with amazing weed.

    I also get the pleasure of smoking with older people a lot. The best probably being my mom, we've been smoking together for the past 3 years or so.

    A while back when I was young and stupid I left a vial of a little bit of coke at my friends house. Well his parents found it and luckily he was able to tell them that it was mine and I took all the heat and he didn't get in trouble. So like one year later i'm at his house and were toking in his bed room. His dad walks in and starts toking with us and i'm like hell yes. I knew they smoked, and they knew he smoked, I just never got to smoke with his parents before. Well after were done he looks at me and says "This doesn't get out to anyone, and if it does, don't forget I got a secret on you". I just immediately busted out laughing and apologized for them having found that.
  6. lucky. sounds like a sweet time.
  7. The next time you meet these people, are you going to smoke them up? Would that be the right thing to do? I'm not being a dick, I'm actually curious. I just smoked with an older toker and his girlfriend last night and I don't know if I should smoke them up next time, or if they don't care, or what?
  8. lol that would be fucking awesome and i am insanely jealous.
    my mom has been smoking since she was my age, and shes like over fifty now. so shes been smoking for about fourty years. its great to get high with her and hear about her insane hippie stories about how cheap weed was in the seventys, and how she used to pop shrooms on skyscrapers.
    but its still really satisfying to make her cough like fuck on my bong. :D

  9. Same.
  10. Lmao I got my mom to hit my bong once. I think she coughed up half her lung and vowed to never hit it again. Shes a joint person.
  11. One of my friends went to Lollapalooza about a week ago and he told me a story about him and some old couple. He said he went to a spot under a tree and under another tree were these old couple. They started to smoke a blunt and when they were almost about to finish the old couple yelled to them, "watch out for those cops!" My friend turned around and saw a bunch of cops. When he saw them, they all seemed to turn and look at him. He said he was able to drop and destroy the blunt so it wasnt visible and he walked away. Respect to old couples yo.
  12. wow, thats awesome, I love chill older people

  13. You don't have to wait until you're 60. I'm 42 and every Sunday morning when the weather is nice my wife and I just chill out back on the porch, or in the woods in our back yard, or go to the park. We smoke and talk and just enjoy each other's company.

    Life is good :)
  14. sounds like my boss, smokes an 1/8 a day for the last forty years
  15. My dad was a Cali hippie himself back in the 70's attending a cal state university..

    Found many pictures of him growing monster, im mean monster sativas!
    Cutting up bricks of regs....
    Fields of plants you name it..

    So anyways, just livin it up here the same way as dad at 19 going on sopohmore year of college, been smoking everyday since 15, BUT he will not smoke with me!!!! he will only give me beer... Lucky i guess

    Peace :smoking:
  16. i have yet to smoke with an elderly toker, but i sure would like to. cool experience, thanks for sharing
  17. Awesome story, I've never smoked with someone older than late 40s. Btw, I have to say that man has good taste in weed, because I'm high from bubblegum, and it's now one of my favorite strains. :smoking:
  18. If you use someone else's bud to get high without supplying any at the same time, it is always curteous to smoke them up next time.

    To the Op: Awesome, oldest I ever smoked with was 48
  19. ~~~~~~~

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I'm pushing 63 Iwien, so I'm right behind you. My mother died last year at 93... NOW we're talkin' elderly! Heh. Younger folks don't believe me when I tell them the first oz. I bought was $12 bucks.
  20. nice, I'm jealous

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