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Awesome experience with older tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rtlshred, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hey blades, I have a really cool story that happened this morning to me and my buddy.

    We were in a local, beautiful park called the Nicholas Arboritum. We were sitting on a hill using his bong, when an elderly couple walked by. Expecting to get dirty looks, instead the couple (Looked at least 60), asked us "hey guys, want to smoke with us?" We were very excited! They sat down next to us, and the man pulled out a big ziplock with about 20 joints inside. The curious thing about them is they all had little nametags on them, saying such things as "Bubblegum, Skunk #1, and Jack Herer" Turns out, the guy is a grower and has a nice stash!" He pulled out a joint of Bubblegum and smoked us down. Very cool. We talked for a while, and he invited us back to smoke with them again tomorrow morning. He told us he and his wife come every morning for a walk and a toke.

    Sorry for the wall of text, thought this was a neat experience.
  2. Great story :) kinda jelous
  3. All the people I toke with are about 20 years older then me at least...Seriously.
  4. completely jealous. I would love to experience that.
  5. That's awesome!:hello:
  6. Very cool, man. I like meeting cool older people, and especially if they wanna smoke some weed with me:)
  7. Haha, good stuff bro.
  8. One of my best friends is approaching his mid-60's now. He can outsmoke most of the kids here I'm sure :)
  9. That's bad ass, congratulations man. And it wasn't really a wall but it was a good story. :D

  10. Danng. I want to live that long to be smoking weed :D
  11. thats really bad ass, awesome how things work out huh :)
    keep it up, next thing youll know is youll have a bag with name tags haha

  12. "Elderly" is 60? Fuck !! I'm 65. Guess it's all relative. To me, elderly is at least 80. ;)
  13. Yes I love having you around for that very reason. I'm only in my 40's so to you I'm just a kid.
  14. THAT is exactly how I want to live when i'm 60+. Smoking in a park on a nice morning with the company of my long term woman and having an interesting converstaion.
  15. I love Nicholas Arboritum! I really enjoy the company of older people; with older people there's a lot less of a strain to seem interesting, they just accept you for who you are.
  16. Great story!
    Sounds like you not only got some new smokeing buddies but also a nice hookup.
  17. That's awesome. I like my smoking buddies how i like my women: a bit older and wiser.
  18. sounds awsome. your a lucky kid
  19. Wow, that's pretty sweet. I smoke with probably a fifty, maybe fifty-five year old. That is the oldest, though. :D

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